Writing Experiment 3.08.08

I hear someone grumbling

He appears to be cuffed

Just another crime that’s unjust

Another life

Now that last verse didn’t much rhyme
Are you wasting my time?

Why no good people?

I would do no such
It’s just
That, uh, you see

This is one of those writing experiments
Where when I began I did not care where it went
And so this is the structure it’s taken

Paw, pugh, peh, pshh
Such nonsense!

I venture to ask: If so, why take offense?

Has my living done you any harm?
Surely, the only reason you are alarm-
ed is because I’m living what you fear

I might be truly alive
Like Ali the Great said
I’ll hit ’em past the sky

You’re only concerned with my ideals
Because my zeal
Makes it appear that I am insane

Oh a runaway train
Running off the track
Only thing is

This train
May not know where it’s headed
But will always come back

Because love
And dreams divined from above
Are the guides

So long as that’s on my side
I’ll take the looks that you slide
In my direction

Looks of disdain
Laughing at my imperfection
Only to mask your own

Now, that
Is quite the deception
The great misconception

I know the Secret
That book kind of tells it

Listen close
Before you know
It will all be gone

And that well
Well, that
Will truly be sad

For me
Because to not see you there my brother
Or you my sister

On the other side
Well, that
That well

Is something words
Even in a writing experiment
Cannot explain

I’ll have lived full and well
And you…
And you…

I could tear out my eyes
I could cry out and cry tears
But you’ll never hear nor see

And that is why
We as a whole will never

But there is light

While the whole
May not make it
Parts of that whole will

That is how it is meant
At this juncture in time
Those that hurt us

Teach us
Give us the best love
For we can forgive, and their lives can live on

Through mine, through yours, through ours
So you see
The parts will make the whole

And all will be well
It already

This concludes
Writing Experiment

Bah Beep Boop

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