A Can and Our Will

“Excuse me!
You can’t sit on the floor!”
As I stood and he walked away, his back to me
Before I could even venture a sound
No need to shout
I thought

Where should I sit?
I asked
“There’s a bench and some chairs.”
(All taken I had already seen)
His eyes became a glare
I laughed within me
I’m such an asshole, I whispered
It’s funny how a simple question
Can be considered rebellious
When that question is questioning
A rule, a policy, something that
Does not make sense
From a simple “No ass on the floor”
To “No paper within a foot of the ceiling”
(Fire hazard, just ask the Fire Marshall who tore down the pictures
of elementary students somewhere in some school all too oftend)
To “No parking here”
When there is not enough parking
To “Pay this year”
When the rate of inflation has not been adjusted
To “Let’s buy Turtle Bay”
After the budget forecast is low
To the “Axis of Evil” and “Campaign Knievels”
And so on and so forth

Where should I sit
Is all I can ask?
What will we do? not What can we do?
Now that friends
Is what I wish to really ask
Who will answer this question
Please join me
I’ll be here to take part in a revolution
Peaceful for sure
But don’t trust
That if you abuse us much
That peace will be the only
For we are sadly (maybe not) a people
Of conflict and violence is a form of
But before it gets there
What will we do?
I ask
Not what can we do?
Because there’s a huge difference between
A can
Our will

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