Aloha… Aloha Airlines

Today’s report of Aloha Airlines filing for bankruptcy for the second time in two years shows just how it already is sinking it’s teeth into local behinds.

This whole thing is sad cause Aloha is locally owned. UH’s economic something or another just released a report that speculates the economy here is going to come to a halt shortly. Time for start stocking up on rice and spam cause prices is getting nuts like two drunk bradahs outside of Shooters in Hilo.

We can do something about this. I don’t have the sole answer but if we work together, build our community ohana, we going be good. Guarans. Just gotta laulima and take care.

Mahalo to all the people who are and have been a part of the Aloha Airlines Ohana.



One thought on “Aloha… Aloha Airlines

  1. So, I probably should keep my mouth shut about this on a public forum but it just pisses me off. The white man (Mesa Air Group aka Go!) has done what the whiteman has always done: Take, take and take somemore! In the old days on the continent they overwhelmed the redman with numbers and bullets and took their land. The next bunch overwhelmed the brown man in much the same way and took their land (always driven by greed. Now Mesa with their seemingly unlimited money has driven Aloha into the ground and put almost 2k ohana out of work. So sad for the brothers, sisters & Hawaii.


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