success does not mean get rich or save money to have financial security in order to be happy at least that’s what i think? Success to me is to make your environment better by being a change angent and bringing about positive change

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Next to you Ganfudit!!!

Next to you ganfanid How come birds gotta always show up fo All da time you is around? Dem buggahs is like me, dey just like be Next to you… ganfanid birds!!! On da day you wen pop out Da angels wen pa’ina And den decide to make every bradah’s dream come real So dey […]

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“the hawk gazed across the horizon at the rising sun. the various hues of morning reflected through the clouds and across the terrain. the hawk’s wings came to life, hitting the air violently to maintain it’s ascent. it then began to glide effortlessly as it looked below searching for movement that would indicate breakfast in […]

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I remember

In memory of Clinton Shelton. We still miss you brah… Another shot from the memories: I remember finding out when I was a junior in high school that Bronson Shelton’s youngest brother, Clinton, went to our school. I went to St. Joe and it was really small and Bronson had been one of the better […]

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da most solid idea eva

pono was cruising aimlessly around waiks when it hit him. it being da most solid idea eva. now pono had so many ideas on how fo get rich quick but bra, this was da one. guarans ball bearins. he smiled from ear to ear as he rode his homemade skateboard home thinking about all of […]

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On the path

Upon this path of mine From the outside looks like pure frustration It’s not Upon this path of mine Requires a certain precision and excellence at all I do I’m surely not always precise and far from excellent Upon this path of mine Is the duty to uphold and strive for what is right I […]

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Who am I?

Who am I? I am not… …against you I am… …with you I am not… …of your detractors I am… …one of your biggest supporters I am not … …cruel I am… …going to tell it like it is I am not… … perfect I am… …working to be better each day and need all […]

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