reality of potential

a, uh, where do i start?
when i feel your energy
whether through thought
or action
you pass me by
a smile
i stay scared for say hi
it’s because i remember
our encounter
and the potential reality it presented
something to this day
i have yet to forget
i want you to know
that while your beauty struck me so
deeply, it was that genuine smile
that took it to a whole different level
and then we talked
that Connection there, wow!
the reality of such potential
imminent in it’s fair
i freaked out a bit
never had i encountered such
a you, but how could i
if i’d never before spoken with you
then time took it’s toll
and we no longer spoke
a bit deeply this stung
in the heart it did poke
i thought i’d moved on
gotten through it all
then shortly after January 1
there you stood
and again i was stunned
i know not if you remember me
somehow i think you do
i just hope you know
the love i offer is true
reality of potential
and it’s here for you to grasp
a, uh, how do i let you know
i’m lost in/with/out
i can’t even find the words to say…
and i think that’s a good thing
because it’s like a meditative pose
held and the connection is knowing
the creator
of whom i was foretold
is trying to remember and experience
love through each of us
so that’s what i have to say
God will let you find this
of that I am sure
perhaps some other day
in some other way
soon though
I think you already know
because it’s
the reality of the potential
we share
that was never forgotten

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