Being Pt.2

My bradah, he tell me,
Growing up I neva was accepted
I look at him
He full Japanee, uh
His ancestors wen fight in the 4-4-2
Wen die fo Hawaii
And I tink
Wow, I tought only me,
Felt lidat
Hapa, but look like one “f’ing haole”
Whose ancestors was hea befoa occupation,
Was Hawaiian Nationals
Yet still I feel like I no belong

My bradah, he tell me
At least you Hapa
Dis guy, his ancestors was missionaries, uh
His family hea da longest
Plus too, he wen grow up
Moa country den country
And I tink
Dis guy’s Hawaiian roots is mean
Both sides of his family too

My bradah, he tell me
Befoa my birth, I had no ties in Hawaii
My mom wen come hea fo me be born
And pau, das it, she left, I was adopted
But I neva felt like I no belong
He get less ties historically den da rest of us
But he only da only one who gets it
And I tink
Da rest us guys
We wen forget
You know why

My sistah she wen tell me
Bradah, you born and raised
You Hawaiian
No let anyone take dat from you
And if dey going make lidat
You send’um to me
I going crack dey head

You know wot
Us men, we should listen
To da Wahine mo often uh
Cause dey know moa about how
Fo feel
Den us

You know wot else
Da hate I wen feel growing up
Da pain for not being brown enough
Da anger I neva understand
Dat was all me

Yea, had some buggahs
Who wen say woteva
But always goin get people lidat
Had moa people who
Wen tell me
You Hawaiian in da soul
Who wen treat me
Like their son
Who wen show me

All dis time
Was me
All dat pain
Was me
No moa

Cause get one difference
Between believing something
Between accepting something
And between allowing wot
Others believe and accept
As my own

I love me
If not fo my Haole ancestors
Not fo my Asian ancestors
If not for Hawaii
As how it is today
I no would be hea
And hea and now
Das all dat matters

Mahalo ke Akua

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