da most solid idea eva

pono was cruising aimlessly around waiks when it hit him. it being da most solid idea eva. now pono had so many ideas on how fo get rich quick but bra, this was da one. guarans ball bearins.

he smiled from ear to ear as he rode his homemade skateboard home thinking about all of the possibilities to expand on da most solid idea eva. he neva wen look to his left and right just like wen he was one small keed cause he was so focused on da most solid idea eva.

he was thinking about how he was goin to be da man now and how he coud finally get a brand new skateboard, one of those sick ones that were like a skateboard that you see all the tourists and peopo from da mainland carry around but no ride cause they no can.

he was thinking about how he had called his mom from da payphone and how he knew she was like, “yeah right bra” but he had to get home right away and would den tell her da most solid idea eva and den she would see. chee hoo!!!

landon was driving home and decided to swing through waiks just cause he had one long day and always wen make him laugh cause of all the side show kine attractions get and den all da people crusin around like they were in hawaii of the movies but he knew, bra he knew, dat wasn’t da real hawaii.

he had spent the latter portion of his work day downloading songs and uploading them on his ipod cause bradah was so on it that he had finished everything before lunch and was now relaxing and making some bucks cause honeslt neva had anything else for do, (yeah right bra, always get something for do his wife would say).

was like there tenth wedding anniversary coming up and he was stoked cause he had da most solid idea eva fo surprise her cause she was da kine dat always knew wot was up. he was all smiles that afteroon as the sun was setting and the sky was like a beautiful painting. wot could be betta

he neva like the song that was playing, well not that he neva like um cause was on his ipod but cause he neva felt like it fit da mood he was in. it was more like some lifting weight music and he wanted something fo go along with da most solid idea eva, da painint in da sky, and his happy thoughts.. for that split second he wen look away…

“ho bra, i wen see um all. da guy was ripping um down the street and he neva even see da keed on da skateboard. hi mom.” junior boy said to the reported hoping he would be on TV. Shoot, he bettah be, he wen use all his bus money fo call everyone and tell them to watch the news.

HPD rolled up rather fast cause they get one office down da road and saw one man sitting with headphones on and just staring in dismay at one wrecked car. da officer wen look at the dent on the roof first, then at the shattered windshield and the dented hood. he saw a part of a skateboard stuck to the front tire.

the ambulance had already left and the officer was sad cause from some of the bystanders it sounded like da guy driving and da boy who got hit was all smiles and something like dis had fo happen.

pono’s mom wen cry out wen she heard da news. she was in the kitchen and she just knew dat from da TV dat was her baby dat wen get hit. her boyfriend came running in from da garage and did not know what to saw as she yelled, “my baby, my baby.”

da most solid idea eva, never heard, not once, but twice, and how many other times cause it was neva shared. peopo always waiting fo da right time, da best time to say wot is on their mind. but wot if dat time neva comes. wot if was or wasn’t.

until part two. wot if was, wot if wasn’t.

live, alove, aloha

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