I remember

In memory of Clinton Shelton. We still miss you brah…

Another shot from the memories:

I remember finding out when I was a junior in high school that Bronson Shelton’s youngest brother, Clinton, went to our school. I went to St. Joe and it was really small and Bronson had been one of the better athletes we had at our school. He even had another younger brother that went on to play football at Utah. Something about that family’s genetics. So I was a bit surprised to see this short kid with huge feet. We played basketbal for St. Joe so it was a big deal to check out everyone’s shoes and talk shit about everything. I remember everyone had nicknames and for whatever reason, Will Lee dubbed him something inappropriate. Stupid kids talking shit. He looked like a puppy that hadn’t grown into his feet yet. I remember that basketball season. He had a pretty good one. I remember thinking that it was like the second coming of his older brother and looked forward to the next basketball season where he probably would have played varsity with us. Well, the next year rolled around and he went to public school to play football. The second coming left us.

It wasn’t until I was again a junior, now in college that I saw Clint again. Dude was like 6’3″ or something. Kid grew like we all knew. Heard he had a pretty good high school career playing football and was trying to walk on at UH. We talked stories here and there. Hung out with mutual friends. He even worked in the same housing area as a UP while I was an RA. Went on that great camping trip where, Kev is right, we should have all gotten food poisoning, and my old cub scout pack was having a campout. Hilarious. I forgot about the water gun fight Clint had with the kids until I saw the video Kev made.

The next year, I was training Muay Thai and somehow Clint and I got to talking about it. He went with me to check out a new class. I remember we lifted then went to Muay Thai. He was living in the apartment doing work trade and he made steak. It was classic. We ate steak and potatoes out on the walkway. It was the start of summer so only interim and staff was around. I told him the steak was good and I remember he had this look on his face like, you’re damn right it is. We talked about boxing and muay thai and he told about how his dream would be to be a fighter and get paid to train and fight. I remember asking him how long he’d been with his girlfriend and he told me how knew that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. I remember thinking the kid, then 20, was real mature for his age.

We never really hung out after that. I saw him in passing, would talk story here and there, run into him in the oddest of places like Exotic Nights when he was with his girlfriend and one of my residents, Dawn. People would talk about Hale Aloha Maintenance and how some of them never did anything I remember I would always remember seeing Clint working and doing stuff and I was always like “Nah, Clint is cool.”

The last conversation I recall was this past summer after there had been some altercation between some people I knew and that Clint knew. We went to go talk stories and sort it out. Clint may not have liked what we said but he always did this understanding kind of nod and was always respectful.

It’s amazing that when someone passes away that you remember everything about that person. Clint was definitely a good guy and I remembered alot. I knew him for almost 10 years and it never occurred to me that there wouldn’t be more years to come. His parents raised a great young man and he will be not only remembered but missed by many. Aloha Clint.

One thought on “I remember

  1. Nice to hear good things about my bro. He’s been extremely missed by all and we hope to have a website up for him so he’ll never be forgotten.

    I’m glad you had the chance to experience such a wonderful human being. Take care!


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