Lifesaver Ring

Lifesaver rings are a magical thing.
Today I told a beautiful woman.
To you I am giving this lifesaver ring.

We laugh at first, not knowing the meaning,
held deep within the essence
Of the lifesaver ring.

He scoured the island for the most perfect one.
He hiked and traversed
When he found it, he raised it up to the sun.

He thanked God each morning and night
Because don’t you see
Never before had he found someone so pure and right
And amazing as She

He returned to the tower and began to climb,
Lifesaver ring in his pocket
Within no time
He stood at her door and began to knock it

Down on one knee
He raised the lifesaver ring
She smiled and shook her head sweetly
He reached in his pocket and pulled out something

It was wrapped in silver
And many other colors
He found the one and wanted to show her

It’s pink she said
He began to smile
But she shook her head and said

Why thank you for this lifesaver ring
But it is red that I like not pink
That’s the the thing

Towards the sad district, he
Turned, but then realized what she meant
Red is strawberry while pink is grapefruit and tastes distinctly

He saw a red lifesaver ring
She nodded her Head, a
Bird began to sing

It was once again morning and they both had not slept
So you have heard the tale of the lifesaver ring
As he looked at her the tears that he wept
Were of joy, Dooby dooby doo was all he could sing

The end.

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