“the hawk gazed across the horizon at the rising sun. the various hues of morning reflected through the clouds and across the terrain. the hawk’s wings came to life, hitting the air violently to maintain it’s ascent. it then began to glide effortlessly as it looked below searching for movement that would indicate breakfast in the form of a mouse or a rat.”

“bra, why you always watch discovery? that sheeit is boring.” the older brother told the younger brother.

“cause” the younger replied.

“cause, you is one kook.” the older said with a laugh and walked from the room.

“cause i am looking to understand.” the younger said in response to his now departed brother but also to himself.

he could never explain his facination with life to anyone. no one could understand. it amazed him how everything little thing affected the next. from a flap of wings to cause a storm thousands of miles away to a smile that would be remembered for life.

the younger dreamt of a life filled with these moments where he would never see what he did affect someone else in a good way. he also hoped not to make any choices which would cause pain. that answer he did not know but he knew that whatever happened was and that’s all that mattered.

“the hawk has now eyed his preyed and made a dashing descent into the brush. he arose with only a tale between his beak.”

death. the boy thought. something it seemed that all creatures living feared, maybe not death, but danger, fear itself. in this case it led to the well-being of one but ended that of another.

balance. it all seemed to balance. he thought of an old sankrit teaching that he had learned about while watching the travel channel’s special on the philosophy of muay thai.

“uppekkah. to walk the middle path, a part of tan, the four states of high-mindfulness,practices that which made a person good. happy- sad…” the old man began. “do not be too happy because balance will one day make you too sad. just be, then others will always know what to expect of you when times are good and…”

the younger stood up and looked out the large picture window to his right. the sun was setting and like the video of the hawk, the hues of the sky raced in reflection throughout the world.

“connections” he whispered. a smile broke on his face as he continued to gaze up.


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