trust my friend

lead me again good friend for my mind wanders and it is only you that i can trust your steady flow filling the pages of life has helped me to leave a mark, a mere stroke on this tapestry of life while you have been a great friend to me you have also been a […]

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we go

i neva knew wot it wen feel like to be from somewhere until dis last trip home. is as if da veil was lifted i stay excited and curious to see wea going go next. wot we goin realize cause i tell you wot Hilo i going all ova and taking you wit me.

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times a ticking

it amazes me how fast this life will fly by if you let it. wasn’t it just a few years that we’d put out the carrot for the Easter Bunny, Mom? and didn’t last year I accidentally knock over the motorcycle, Dad? i swear if was but a few months ago that I went away […]

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the lightning flashed across a distant sky perhaps in a different world it certainly wasn’t mine i only saw what was distant saw what was mine this world, this time butwhat was that anyway was that something that something that makes you that something or was it that something that was really quite nothing words […]

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Grey and Dirty

The grey and dirty Nissan pick-up reminded me of you for some reason even though back then, it was still brand new… It was what I would pick you up in. I’d take you “away” as you so eloquently characterized what we did, our trysts, our love. Oh who am I kidding? We were just […]

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Sked fly

I neva tell many people dis… I sked fly Eva since small keed time Wen I watched La Bamba And Richie Valens and Buddy Holly guy’s plane Wen go down Ho brah! I neva like fly Every summah, I’d go my grandparents house And everyone thought I neva lika leave home and den leave ova […]

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