trust my friend

lead me again good friend
for my mind wanders and
it is only you that i can trust

your steady flow filling the
pages of life has helped me to leave
a mark, a mere stroke on
this tapestry of life

while you have been a great friend to me
you have also been a curse to others
as you’ve always captured and preserved truth

you have also drafted your fair share of make believe
equally adept at fiction and non-

ah, see, where this journey has taken
us my friend, my rock,
my pen

we go

i neva knew wot it wen feel like
to be from somewhere
until dis last
trip home.

is as if da veil was lifted
i stay excited and curious to see
wea going
go next.

wot we goin realize
cause i tell you wot Hilo
i going all ova
and taking you
wit me.

times a ticking

it amazes me how fast this life will fly by if you let it. wasn’t it just a few years that we’d put out the carrot for the Easter Bunny, Mom? and didn’t last year I accidentally knock over the motorcycle, Dad? i swear if was but a few months ago that I went away to college, and last month I graduated. a few weeks ago, we’d just met, fallen in love and all that good stuff (ex)baby. well i know one thing. a day ago i grew a year older and a minute ago i found out you were pregnant. i am happy for you. i wonder if you find out things about me and smile fondly. i shrug indifferently as i hope i’ll never know because it was an eternity where we drudged along and while most memories feel like that they just happened, i’ll keep those long days, nights far far far from my, psyche.


the lightning flashed across a distant sky
perhaps in a different world
it certainly wasn’t mine
i only saw what was distant
saw what was mine
this world, this time
butwhat was that anyway
was that something
that something that
makes you that something
or was it that something
that was really quite nothing
words trace back and forth
like tricks
or traps
words can’t be that
can they?

Grey and Dirty

The grey and dirty Nissan pick-up reminded me of you for some reason even though back then, it was still brand new… It was what I would pick you up in. I’d take you “away” as you so eloquently characterized what we did, our trysts, our love.

Oh who am I kidding? We were just two dumb kids fucking. Fucking with each other in every way. I loved you when you loved him. Then when I loved her and you realized you loved me. We’re like bad Credit Card commercial.

Movie for two- $20
Popcorn- $5
A lifetime of damage to one another- Not worth it.

Do you remember the time I was engaged and you came back into my life? Now wasn’t that just priceless, your timing was at least. There I was at the sitting at the rehearsal dinner, everyone raising glasses, then you showed up. Did you know that I slept in my car for three weeks because she thought I had something going on with you at the time?

I guess that was just karma coming back my way for waiting at your apartment three years earlier, using the key you gave me, bringing a cart worth of daisies, your favorite flower. Had I known you were out with your fiance, I never would have popped back in. I can say that now as hindsight really is 20/20.

(Sigh) And look at us both, love’s victims, love’s fools. Have you ever really had a relationship and not thought of me? Have I? This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg with us nor will it be that which lurks in ocean’s depths.

Maybe that old Nissan reminds me of what we were, what we really were, what we still are. Grey and dirty.

Sked fly

I neva tell many people dis…
I sked fly
Eva since small keed time
Wen I watched La Bamba
And Richie Valens and Buddy Holly guy’s plane
Wen go down
Ho brah! I neva like fly
Every summah, I’d go my grandparents house
And everyone thought I neva lika leave home
and den leave ova dere
Maybe get small kine truth in dat
But da big reason I neva like go
I sked fly
Yeah, moa safe den cars
I been in four different car accidents
No, not wea I was driving
But still, I dunno wen I fly
I get da mean kine eebie jeebies
Is real bad when dark and stormy
Cause den I tink about dat crazy
Twilight Zone, Close Encounctahs kine movie
Wit da Gremlin tearin’ apart da plane
Ho, chicken skin every time
You know wot is ironic?
If I could be one animal,
I’d be one bird cause I love to fly
Maybe moa symbolic lidat cause no mattah
If I like “fly” in life
I still sked fly in planes

Cracks-5.25.08 Ill Will, Summer of Love(for MMA)

Hawaii’s own and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion BJ ‘The Prodigy’ Penn emerged triumphant with a third round victory due to strikes over Sean Sherk. In other action, Lyoto Machida maintained his perfect record against Tito Ortiz in what was possibly Ortiz’s last UFC fight and Wanderlei Silva destroyed Keith Jardine with a knockout in under a minute of the first round.

I thought the card was pretty sick. It kicked off a summer of amazing MMA contests. This is truly an exciting time for the sport, the fighters, and the fans. The sport has the potential to unite people from around the world because it is like a constant Olympics and world sport. There are a seemingly endless amount of fighting arts that showcases countries and cultures. Ill Will had participants from North America (US), South America(Brasil), Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia(Japan), the Pacific(Hawaii).

Next up, the May 31 EliteXC card, which is huge, as CBS is the first national network to broadcast an MMA event live. Don’t be an Uncle Dana and oppose EliteXC. EliteXC is giving more opportunities for fighters to make a living and develop. With the demise of Pride, fighters haven’t had anywhere else to really go save for WEC which the UFC also owns. This year saw the rise of many new promotions from Dream, World Victory Road, Affliction, HDNet Fights and some tremendous offerings from EliteXC, ICON Sports, and Strikeforce.

But why support fighting? At one level, yes it is pure violence. At another it’s just a spectacle, modern day gladiators. But stop and think about it. How many people can protect themselves because of Brazilian Jiujitsu and Thai Boxing? Did you know that both disciplines have a philosophical aspect that guides them? Most, if not all of them do. Yeah, you can use the arguments that there’s choke(many) knuckleheads out there but that is the case in any type of system.

Go beyond the physicality of it and look at what we can learn about other cultures. In the promos, in the interviews, in everything we see or read about the fighters, you learn that they are more than just fighters, you get to see them as people. Many fighters do work for charities(Tito Ortiz, Roger Huerta), I’ve heard almost every fighter express a love for their communities and fans. Then you get to the end of the fight and 99% they shake hands, hug, all that. It is far more likely you’ll see a post match brawl in the NBA, NFL and so on.

My whole life I have heard talk about how we differ. This has the potential to break down that sociological Berlin Wall if you will. You see two equals(in weight, combined skills) in the ring battling it out and then coming together at the end.

Maybe I’m biased because I love the sport but I dunno, I think we can learn something here it doesn’t hurt to look at other ways the sport brings people together.

Until the next time…