Eh, you no fit

You no look like us

You no talk like us

You no act like us

Their voices

No their values

They judgeâ

No I judge

How about now?

Eh you just like us

You get da look

You can talk

And you know how fo ack

They like me

Accept me

I’m one

With them all

I just have to rememba

Wear one mask

2 thoughts on “Mask

  1. Doesn’t it piss you off cause you no look like dem guys (dark skin, black hair) that you gotta try harder to belong?! If you get fair skin, light eyes and hair (even if you hapa but pull haole side) you gotta bus out wit da pidgin (like I’m doing now) and drop names of more local looking family to be accepted! Born and raised 60 years already and some assholes still say haole!


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