I love MMA so I will be posting updates each week, maybe sooner, depends on what kine events and news inspire me for give cracks, if you catch my drift. 

Josh Barnett is set to take on Pedro Rizzo at the debut event for Affliction, a new MMA promotion.  This will be a rematch of their 2001 bout where Rizzo won by KO in the 3rd round.  The July 19 card will also feature the return of Fedor Emelianenko, argued to be the world pound for pound best.  Fedor will be taking on Tim Sylvia. 

This event and the EliteXC CBS card on May 31 are both key because if they are successful it will help to level the playing field for fighters.  That means more of an opportunity for them to make money.  Hawaii has produced a number of top-notch fighters and a promotion like this gives local people even more of a chance to make a living in the fight game.

Tune into both if you get chance.  Exciting time for MMA…

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