GTA IV Steals the Record

Grand Theft Auto IV stole the top spot for opening week sales with 500 + million in sales.  Wow!  No, damn!  That means going have choke people out there itching to pull e-brake, drift turns, bust donuts when driving and then having daydreams about robbing cars and all of that.

My boss got the game and it is all he can talk about.  The other day he tells me: “So I have this problem… with this girl… Michelle… we dated three times on Grand Theft Auto…”  Now, if I had a PS3 or the community XBox 360 never wen get da ring of death (mah-kay means die), I would be playing this guy too, but too classic he tell me that.  Left him so wide open for jokes about meeting up with the horde for village raids, not that it is World of Warcraft, but going home to play with friends at specified times reminded me of the World of Warcraft South Park spoof.

Anyway, that game is going to be in the billions in sales in no time.  A video game.  Looks like I should switch to writing video games.


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