Reality Show Idea

Alot of the Reality Shows are getting to be the same thing and totally suck but still we watch them.  And why?  Do we really care if Tila finds love?  That show has to be scripted.  Please tell me it is, cause, no moa words for dat kine.  But again, still we or I watch, but I do not think I am alone with this.

So, I had an idea.  Why not, have “Reality Show” but with some real actors.  For example, 7 “strangers” could be picked to live in a house but those 7 are: Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin James, Ray Ramano, Hayden Paneti-something, Tila, Jessica Alba, and Tito Ortiz.  It would be like Surreal Life but with stars and they could compete like Survivor.  Those names alone would draw a huge audience.  Ah, and have the Rock host.  Perfect.

Come on MTV, NBC, Disney, somebody, pick up this bad boy.  Ratings would go through the roof!!!

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