Small Town

Hilo is like the second largest city in Hawaii.  Get people who been billing it to “The Bay City” cause by the bay.  While Hilo is growing and get more going on, I love that it still has a small town feel.

Today for example, I saw two friends I neva seen in years, da one guy like four plus years kine and we met on Oahu and he is from Canada.  I also reconnected with four friends I never talk to long time.  I suppose that is all a part of coming home but I still got put it out there how great this is.

I can talk stories wit the best of um but in Hilo, most people you encounter will talk stories immediately.  Honolulu, you gotta kind of pry it out of people.  Das kine of my beef wit Honolulu,.  No get me wrong, I love Oahu too, but in Honolulu people is on one whole nother trip.  Is like you riding to Vegas and they goin New York.  Just keep missing each other.

I was rapping out with two bradahs at Fighters Corner the other day before I came back Hilo, and they both said the same thing about Honolulu.  The one guy was from the country, North Shore side, so could feel the disconnect get between townside and other places.  They told me, we like move to Hilo. 

A big part of me would not mind such a move, I told my Dad I gotta buy two houses now, one Kahala on the beach and one in Hilo.  The thing I wen tell those guys and we all kinda agreed was we gotta change Oahu.  No can jump ship yet, we neva even try bail watah kine.  

So I asked befoa in writing, how you change a culture?  As I ponder dis guy moa and moa, I think that all it is, is we gotta remembah.  We gotta remembah why we love Hawaii, why Hawaii love us, and den show appreciation and live um.  The moa and moa people feel dat, den goin be different.  Is like that Pay It Forward movie.  Be nice to three people and law of attraction and karma.  So das it. 

Easy uh?  It really is easy, we just have to keep doin.  Das wea hard.  Is hard cause get days wea being positive and thankful seems like the harder way to go, but if you think about um, is it really dat hard.  Try look fast kine at this equation.  Would you rather be broke and be happy or broke and miserable?  Yeah, yeah, no like be broke, but das one of those things in life no can help sometimes.  You can change how you feel but…

Small town.  LOL.  Giving me all nostalgias and good feelings and I one pretty happy guy to start wit.  Anyway, das wot I like share wit all you buggahs all dea, my known and unknown ohana.



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