Cracks 5.10.08

The Fighting Words Blog is a good place to get info about Hawaii MMA events and happenings.  In the words of Poai Suganuma, “Alot can change in a short time in this sport” as the June 14th show has seen a couple fighters go down in injury. 

Injuries are certainly not a good thing, but it allows other guys to get a shot.  Tyson Nam was scheduled for a title bout but suffered an MCL injury.  Bad news for Tyson but it gives Hilo Fighter Albert Manners a shot at the belt. 

Keep Tyson in your thoughts for a quick recovery.

In an unrelated note: Affliction has been pulled as a sponsor for many fighters in other organizations.  Affliction is starting their own promotion with a stacked card I mentioned previously.  As I mentioned, another promotion is good to increase the competition and provide more venues for fighters to compete, but losing sponsorship is not.  Sponsors are a big part of the paydays for fighters these days.  Hopefully, some common ground can be found.  Maybe the different org. presidents should fight to work out negotiations.  Eh, Vince McMahon would chance um, I think Dana White should too.

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