Note: this was originally posted at www.DownTownHilo.com by none other than me brother.  Shoots.

What is home?

A quick search on www.Dictionary.com returned 55 answers like… ha, like I goin tell you.  Nah, nah.  Just joke.  I figure you neva like look at 55 answers and I goin branch off anyway.  This is what they call a segue I suppose.  That is segue like intro and transition not like those motorized walkers you see all over Honolulu.  Eh, I am small kine kolohe and this is my first blog on www.DownTownHilo.com so we both getting acquainted. Where was I…  Home, das right.

Home is home.  It is comfort.  It is a feeling like you in a place where can lay your heads to rest when you tired or feel warm when it is cold.  It has a sense of welcoming and familiarity to it.  

For me home is always Hilo.  I was born Oahu and we moved  to Hilo when I was 10.  Ho, brah, I hated it at first.  It was still small keed time for me and I liked where I was.  Change can be hard for anyone, harder when you a kid and you no really understand.  Hilo wen work its charm on me though, so much so ten years later when I returned to Oahu for go UH, I knew instantly, well slight exaggeration, I knew real quick.  If it was a movie as soon as pau da plane ride, da guy get off and boom, it would wash all over him, he fall down, tears in the eyes, etc.

I knew early on when I came back to Oahu that Hilo was home.  Da Big Island, or da B.I. was home next, den all of Hawaii and so on.  Was an interesting sociological study of people living in the dorms at UH.  Had the people from the mainland, the different cliques of athletes, the outer islands by island, then each town there in.  Oh yeah and Oahu people but eh, das one noddah story, not the country people but the Townies.  Wot was full mean about living in the dorms is you could pick out the different types of pidgin spoken.  Fo real, each island get a unique dialect.  And who is to say it is not a language?  Dose buggahs, hard fo write li`ids.  Gotta think two different ways.  Anyway, back to Hilo, but you see, we neva really left Hilo, cause Hilo people, we can talk stories and tell all kine related stories with the best of em.  Chee Huuu!!!!

It is just something about Hilo.  Again, it warms you, it takes good care, I would go so far to say it heals you.  No matter wea I stay go or wea I goin` stay, Hilo is forever apart of me.  It truly is a way of life.  If you can take the time to appreciate it, it leaves a mark on your heart that others see wherever in life your feet stay standing, Oahu, the mainland, China, Europe.  If you lived Hilo, you lived Hilo.  No one can take that a way.  It is like being local in Hawaii plus 10 in my humblest of opinions.  Nah, nah, but I think you get what I mean.


JMAW, The Simple Voice   


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