Cracks 5.21.08- Triumph United, Ill Will

Triumph United

I just want to share how impressed I am with Triumph United. Not only are they about creating a brand founded in values, taking care of their team, and customers but they are really amazing people.

I got the chance to interview both Jason “MayheM” Miller and Hans Molenkamp. MayheM is ranked 8th in the world as a Middleweight by Fight Magazine. He is an adopted son of Hawaii, as a former SuperBrawl and Icon Sports Champion. Hans is the founder of Triumph United. He shared alot about his life experience and perspective on MMA.

Both dudes were very professional and I can’t help but think their company is founded in Aloha. For real. They both had alot of love for the 808 and were very professional and nice people. That kind of thing stands out to me. Call me ole fashioned.

Check them out at online and support the cause.

UFC 84- Ill Will

UFC 84 is this Saturday! Penn v. Sherk. Ortiz v. Machida. Silva v. Lister. This card is going to be crazy. I can’t think of another card I’ve been more excited for. Maybe Liddell V. Rampage, that was on my birthday last year, it’s the same card in May. Thank you God for looking out and having great fights around my birthday. Ha. Nah, nah.



~Catch the MayheM and Hans interviews in the July issue of MMA Hawaii.

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