Sked fly

I neva tell many people dis…
I sked fly
Eva since small keed time
Wen I watched La Bamba
And Richie Valens and Buddy Holly guy’s plane
Wen go down
Ho brah! I neva like fly
Every summah, I’d go my grandparents house
And everyone thought I neva lika leave home
and den leave ova dere
Maybe get small kine truth in dat
But da big reason I neva like go
I sked fly
Yeah, moa safe den cars
I been in four different car accidents
No, not wea I was driving
But still, I dunno wen I fly
I get da mean kine eebie jeebies
Is real bad when dark and stormy
Cause den I tink about dat crazy
Twilight Zone, Close Encounctahs kine movie
Wit da Gremlin tearin’ apart da plane
Ho, chicken skin every time
You know wot is ironic?
If I could be one animal,
I’d be one bird cause I love to fly
Maybe moa symbolic lidat cause no mattah
If I like “fly” in life
I still sked fly in planes

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