times a ticking

it amazes me how fast this life will fly by if you let it. wasn’t it just a few years that we’d put out the carrot for the Easter Bunny, Mom? and didn’t last year I accidentally knock over the motorcycle, Dad? i swear if was but a few months ago that I went away to college, and last month I graduated. a few weeks ago, we’d just met, fallen in love and all that good stuff (ex)baby. well i know one thing. a day ago i grew a year older and a minute ago i found out you were pregnant. i am happy for you. i wonder if you find out things about me and smile fondly. i shrug indifferently as i hope i’ll never know because it was an eternity where we drudged along and while most memories feel like that they just happened, i’ll keep those long days, nights far far far from my, psyche.

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