An attitude Because Can if can Den if no can, Eh no can Fo now but Goin be able to do um or Help wen can Is Just da Kine Life we can Manifest No moa Opala living, dis Philosophy going make Quiet unrest Restore our beings cause our Sense of place True to our […]

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Note: this was originally posted at by none other than me brother.  Shoots. What is home? A quick search on returned 55 answers like… ha, like I goin tell you.  Nah, nah.  Just joke.  I figure you neva like look at 55 answers and I goin branch off anyway.  This is what they call […]

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Hilo Rain

rat tat tat   rat tat tat tat tat   rat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat   rat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat   rat tat tat tat  tat tat tat tat…   sounds like a machine gun can be peaceful one moment den pau da next bettaf […]

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Cracks 5.10.08

The Fighting Words Blog is a good place to get info about Hawaii MMA events and happenings.  In the words of Poai Suganuma, “Alot can change in a short time in this sport” as the June 14th show has seen a couple fighters go down in injury.  Injuries are certainly not a good thing, but it […]

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Better Click It

This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by the Pedestrian Liberation Organization (PLO). From May 12 through June 1, 2008, the Click It or Ticket  campaign is large and in charge again throughout Hawaii.  So buckle up.  Should buckle up all year round anyway, bumbye something happens and you get hurt.  Our airbags not […]

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Small Town

Hilo is like the second largest city in Hawaii.  Get people who been billing it to “The Bay City” cause by the bay.  While Hilo is growing and get more going on, I love that it still has a small town feel. Today for example, I saw two friends I neva seen in years, da […]

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