Bombs away

So I was walking uh Wen all of a sudden Splat!!! I wen get shit on by one bird Da buggah stay up in da tree laughing I neva get mad In fact, I wen ingeniously figah a way Fo clean my shirt since I neva had one nother one Why I even getting all […]

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Peeling away the leaves

I dreamt that I was covered in dead leaves Dose buggahs were stuck to me So I wen peel um off As the leaves fell to the ground My true being emerged It seems that this life Is meant to shed leaves So that the trees can grow The earth can be renewed Have you […]

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I have always been afraid of drowning My uncle drowned when he was seven Water, it’s current, it’s force Can overwhelm They said I looked like him at the same age I’ve come to pass on the fear of drowning in the water It’s like, shit, if it’s meant to be, it’ll be No sked’um […]

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Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is pretty good. I remember his silly comedies and while the comedies are still coming out, they aren’t quite so silly and instead comment on the world condition. Wait, stop, what? Am I serious. You are damn skippy. Reviewing Sandler’s last two movies(I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry; Don’t Mess With the […]

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Seems as though The musings Have been silent The Simple Voice Has been very simple As simply There has not been much Of a Voice But fear not my friend Wipe away the tears As nothing has been missed For comes The calm Before the storm The tides have shifted The wind grows still The […]

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Cracks- Pressers

Today was the first ever Pressers event by EliteXC for the upcoming Return of the King event. It had a surreal feel to it as some of MMA’s biggest names crowded into King St. Cafe in Honolulu. I went there to meet up with JimmyNaks of Scrap Yard and Triumph United Hawaii acclaim. I’ve been […]

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