Bombs away

So I was walking uh
Wen all of a sudden
I wen get shit on by one bird
Da buggah stay up in da tree laughing
I neva get mad
In fact, I wen ingeniously figah a way
Fo clean my shirt since I neva had one nother one
Why I even getting all
Sensitismal ova bird shit
So wot, uh?
Cause da kine
I no shit you
Had one guy get bombed by one bird too
Like ten minutes earlier kind
And I went tink
‘Self, you lucky cause dat neva happen long time.
And wow, da guy is smiling, how cool is dat?’
So da moral of said story
Goin get shit on, gotta keep smiling
And, guess wot?
Da birds are listening…

Peeling away the leaves

I dreamt that
I was covered in dead leaves
Dose buggahs were stuck to me
So I wen peel um off
As the leaves fell to the ground
My true being emerged
It seems that this life
Is meant to shed leaves
So that the trees can grow
The earth can be renewed
Have you peeled away some leaves today?


I have always been afraid of drowning
My uncle drowned when he was seven
Water, it’s current, it’s force
Can overwhelm
They said I looked like him at the same age
I’ve come to pass on the fear of drowning in the water
It’s like, shit, if it’s meant to be, it’ll be
No sked’um
I visited his grave a few years ago
Yet fear has permeated my being
In other areas, I suppose we all lidat
But is that really living?
It gave me peace
I no think fear is the way to go
Always goin get things you no can
Understand or unknown
But gotta chance’em
I hope he has peace as well
Gotta let love be the expression
Love in all things
Otherwise, why we even stay here?
I love you bradah even though we neva met

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is pretty good. I remember his silly comedies and while the comedies are still coming out, they aren’t quite so silly and instead comment on the world condition.

Wait, stop, what? Am I serious. You are damn skippy.

Reviewing Sandler’s last two movies(I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry; Don’t Mess With the Zohan), I’ve come to the conclusion that he has found a brilliant way to provide social commentary. He lures the audience in with a seemingly insane and silly comedy that people hope to be like Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison. While those characters went on a similar journey of personal growth, the subject matter in the most recent films have been the most controversial. Both movies end with the point of increased tolerance, wrong for behaving and believing in a different way, and having learned.

I have to give credit to the man for that. He has found a good formula to comment on the world and even offer alternatives/new.

Chee huu to you buddy!

Now if only some of the powers that be would think about the movies lidat…


Seems as though
The musings
Have been silent

The Simple Voice
Has been very simple
As simply
There has not been much
Of a Voice

But fear not my friend
Wipe away the tears
As nothing has been missed

For comes
The calm
Before the storm
The tides have shifted
The wind grows still

The storm is brewing
My storm
Our storm
The imminence of



Cracks- Pressers

Today was the first ever Pressers event by EliteXC for the upcoming Return of the King event. It had a surreal feel to it as some of MMA’s biggest names crowded into King St. Cafe in Honolulu.

I went there to meet up with JimmyNaks of Scrap Yard and Triumph United Hawaii acclaim. I’ve been working on an interview/story about him and we were finally able to touch bases after playing text-tag(find that article in an upcoming issue of MMA Hawaii Magazine).

As I was waiting for the Press Conference and talking stories with Mike Hall, I hear Mike say, “There’s Anderson Silva”. I turned and look and all I saw was these big old Aviator shades and a huge smile surrounded by an entourage of ginormous Portuguese speaking dudes. It was like a scene from some crazy movie and had I lived on the moon for the past few years or if I wasn’t an MMA fan I would have thought he was a drug czar. Nah, nah just joke. Fo’real, joke, Silva’s Muay Thai is a “little” more advanced than mine.

Silva, the UFC Middleweight Champ and arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world was a cool cat, taking the time to shake hands, sign autographs and take pictures with fans and the press. Jimmy Naks and I commented how it wasn’t really our thing to take pictures with fighters. Now if Arianny Celeste, UFC Ring Girl, had rolled in, then maybe, just maybe I’d have taken a picture. So Silva settles in and ordered a Loco Moco. How classic is that?

So, here I am, novice MMA writer and huge fan thinking, could this get any better and not knowing what to expect at all. Then Murilo “Ninja” Rua rolls in with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. “Ninja” is the former EliteXC Middleweight and “Shogun” was regarded as a former number one Light Heavyweight in the world.

And then again, Nick Diaz and younger brother Nate (A UFC TUF Reality winner) roll in through one entrance. AND THEN EliteXC Lightweight Champion K.J. “King Karl” Noons through the other(Noons knocked off Diaz for the Lightweight Championship). Seeing the Diaz’s, Shogun, and Silva, huge names in MMA, up close tripped me out but K.J. rolled in like Ali himself dressed in a suit and shades stealing the show. Should be an exciting event this Saturday.

I can’t wait for the MMA Commission to start next year and UFC to come to Aloha Stadium. It’s going to be sick!!!

Cracks- UFC 85, Jits, and Trumps

UFC 85 was much better than I thought it was going to be. It had it’s fill of questionable calls that led to undesirable outcomes (Werdum over Vera and Leites over Marquardt) but I found it to be a good enough display of MMA. It did get me thinking though. I am very novice at jits, very considering that I took Muay Thai for a year and then trained/practiced in the years since and literally a handful of jiujitsu classes. But even I could see that it seemed like the jiujitsu skills is a bit lacking in many fighters out there.

Why is this? Is it that they don’t know? Or is the pressure of the cage/ring that great that it throws out training and seemingly obvious escapes and counters(obvious for me considering what little I know). In defense of the fighters, I have to say that the combination live aspect and adrenaline in fighting probably changes what a fighter would normally do and getting bombs rained down upon you surely would change the decision making process. But I don’t understand why a fighter would take said bombs when they could pop their hips, turn, shrimp and so on which would make the opponent in mount have to struggle for position versus solely hammering shots. Just a thought.

Lastly, Donald Trump seems to have pulled the ultimate trump card if you will. The billionaire has just signed on as an investor/promoter for Affliction’s new Promotion. And just lidat, they easily have the best heavyweight division in the world without any events taking place. It’s pretty amazing to ponder that. Should Couture’s legal issues with the UFC end when his contract does later this year, it’s only going to get better…