The credit for this term and the inspiration for this piece goes to Elliot Aki, whom I recently met. Hawaii-damashii is based on Yamato-damashii, which can be translated in a number of different ways and you can read about here. Damashii pretty much means spirit so this is about Hawaii Spirit.

Elliot and I got to talking about living here and having this sense within to do something for Hawaii and her people. That is when he shared that he calls it “Hawaii-damashii”. We also shared a connection in that both of us have ancestry dating back to the time of the Hawaiian Kingdom and he even found out that he was related to a doctor for one of the Queens.

It would seem that our(people in general) relationship to a place or situation has far more to do with the overall energy and history going into it. I often wonder if I exhibit qualities and traits of my ancestors or am compelled to do certain things because of them as well. Perhaps meditation and/or a conversation with God will help me to understand that point better.

Whatever the driving factor is, it is important to trust the spirit as it is most aligned with nature. Our humanity almost naturally goes against the flow of life because of the way we get socialized and brought up by society. It would seem at this point obvious to me that “flowing with the go” is the way simply because nature knows far better than we. If the world can repair itself even after the chaos people have wreaked, it knows something we don’t…

Or is it telling us something? As the words exit me and I see what is being written, it has occurred to me that nature is expressing a sense of renewal, of living on. Think about all that happens in this life, how crazy, and how beat down we can become. Then look at nature, same sh**, different smell, just written off as a part of nature. Take something we’ve done and look at the outcome by nature(the ozone is replenishing itself). Then compare that to something nature does and that end result(a volcanic eruption can lay destruction yet new life grows from it).

Evidence shows that nature has survived, evolved, and renewed time and time again.

In this day and age, where fear has been preached for far too long, perhaps we really should look to nature as inspiration. If nature can renew in cycles, so can humanity. Maybe that’s what spirit is and why we are compelled in the way we are.



~Mahalo nui loa Elliot for sharing your concept with me. All the best to you and your ohana.


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