Cracks- UFC 85, Jits, and Trumps

UFC 85 was much better than I thought it was going to be. It had it’s fill of questionable calls that led to undesirable outcomes (Werdum over Vera and Leites over Marquardt) but I found it to be a good enough display of MMA. It did get me thinking though. I am very novice at jits, very considering that I took Muay Thai for a year and then trained/practiced in the years since and literally a handful of jiujitsu classes. But even I could see that it seemed like the jiujitsu skills is a bit lacking in many fighters out there.

Why is this? Is it that they don’t know? Or is the pressure of the cage/ring that great that it throws out training and seemingly obvious escapes and counters(obvious for me considering what little I know). In defense of the fighters, I have to say that the combination live aspect and adrenaline in fighting probably changes what a fighter would normally do and getting bombs rained down upon you surely would change the decision making process. But I don’t understand why a fighter would take said bombs when they could pop their hips, turn, shrimp and so on which would make the opponent in mount have to struggle for position versus solely hammering shots. Just a thought.

Lastly, Donald Trump seems to have pulled the ultimate trump card if you will. The billionaire has just signed on as an investor/promoter for Affliction’s new Promotion. And just lidat, they easily have the best heavyweight division in the world without any events taking place. It’s pretty amazing to ponder that. Should Couture’s legal issues with the UFC end when his contract does later this year, it’s only going to get better…

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