Cracks- Pressers

Today was the first ever Pressers event by EliteXC for the upcoming Return of the King event. It had a surreal feel to it as some of MMA’s biggest names crowded into King St. Cafe in Honolulu.

I went there to meet up with JimmyNaks of Scrap Yard and Triumph United Hawaii acclaim. I’ve been working on an interview/story about him and we were finally able to touch bases after playing text-tag(find that article in an upcoming issue of MMA Hawaii Magazine).

As I was waiting for the Press Conference and talking stories with Mike Hall, I hear Mike say, “There’s Anderson Silva”. I turned and look and all I saw was these big old Aviator shades and a huge smile surrounded by an entourage of ginormous Portuguese speaking dudes. It was like a scene from some crazy movie and had I lived on the moon for the past few years or if I wasn’t an MMA fan I would have thought he was a drug czar. Nah, nah just joke. Fo’real, joke, Silva’s Muay Thai is a “little” more advanced than mine.

Silva, the UFC Middleweight Champ and arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world was a cool cat, taking the time to shake hands, sign autographs and take pictures with fans and the press. Jimmy Naks and I commented how it wasn’t really our thing to take pictures with fighters. Now if Arianny Celeste, UFC Ring Girl, had rolled in, then maybe, just maybe I’d have taken a picture. So Silva settles in and ordered a Loco Moco. How classic is that?

So, here I am, novice MMA writer and huge fan thinking, could this get any better and not knowing what to expect at all. Then Murilo “Ninja” Rua rolls in with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. “Ninja” is the former EliteXC Middleweight and “Shogun” was regarded as a former number one Light Heavyweight in the world.

And then again, Nick Diaz and younger brother Nate (A UFC TUF Reality winner) roll in through one entrance. AND THEN EliteXC Lightweight Champion K.J. “King Karl” Noons through the other(Noons knocked off Diaz for the Lightweight Championship). Seeing the Diaz’s, Shogun, and Silva, huge names in MMA, up close tripped me out but K.J. rolled in like Ali himself dressed in a suit and shades stealing the show. Should be an exciting event this Saturday.

I can’t wait for the MMA Commission to start next year and UFC to come to Aloha Stadium. It’s going to be sick!!!

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