I’ve seen your smile for years now
I recall the first time
I wen spock you
My mind no could

I remember the day I met you
Eyes merged in the briefest of moment
Yet I’ve come to the conclusion
That a moment
Where the soul
Recognizes it’s match
Is an eternity compared
To a lifetime
Of no moments

It’s been years since
I’ve seen you
Yet still
I see you
If that makes sense
You’ve come in my dreams
You are teaching
I only hope
That I can give you
A love that is the same

My moment
My eternity
My smile

Hawaii DOE Proposes Cutting JV Sports

WTF is the first thing that comes to mind. In a time where imminent economic doom seems more and more certain for many organizations, it’s easy to understand that pinching pennies is necessary but cutting JV sports… Come on now.

Athletics is something that allows for kids across the world to learn about themselves, work with others and ideally(but not always) be a part of healthy competition. The opportunities for most sports with kids to play competitively ends as high school approaches. There are always the parks and recs and PAL games, but those seasons aren’t as intense as what goes down in high school sports.

Eliminating JV sports will also dilute the talent pool of young athletes we have in Hawaii. Don’t think so? The experience practicing and in games in JV helps athletes prepare for the same at a higher level of competition. Repetition is a word heard often in athletics and it’s true, the more one does something, more it fits and the muscle memory takes place.

Here’s an idea, why doesn’t the DOE somehow get some funds from the rail project to assist it. Since they are only talking about cutting one million dollars which is a mere piss in the pot for the controversial Oahu project which has a projected budget in the billions.

(sigh). If this happens, even more so am I glad for the growth of MMA which will allow youth (and people of all ages) to come together and learn, train and compete.

Day One

Today I began my training at Egan Inoue’s The Studio with Grappling Unlimited. I took my free class last week and that was enough to sell me on it. It was the third time I’d ever rolled and alot of fun albeit it kicked my butt.

So again today I went and got to business for real taking the no-gi and gi classes. The classes I took before were with two Relson Gracie schools and they were cool and their people were very skilled as well. The reason I chose to go with this school is two-fold: One, Egan Inoue has been a professional athlete for close to thirty years and I knew that the training with GU would be top notch, and Two, and most important, there is a high level of professionalism, respect stressed, an ohana feel(maybe that’s not two-fold but professionalism and respect are parts of ohana to me).

I trained Muay Thai for a year straight while in college and on my own as best as I could since. I trained with three different schools and the thing I wanted was to feel a part of a team, of a family. I had this in different bursts. What kept me there was trying to learn about my spirit. Muay Thai is heavily influenced by Buddhist thought and that gave me some peace for awhile but with the exception of one school, the two-fold thing I was looking for wasn’t there.

So, long story short, I decided to begin my jiu-jitsu training with Grappling Unlimited. Today was very hard. While there were certain things I felt like I was picking up there is so much that I have to learn. I also have to get my body to a point where it can “flow with the go” as the Brasilians say.

I’m pretty excited for this new chapter of my life to unfold.

To be continued.


I used to tink
Brah, F*** change!
I like how my life is.
No need do anything different.
I’m comfortable.
Isn’t dat it?
Isn’t dat life/

I started to tink one day
Ho would be nice if I could change
Change dis, change dat
Change, Brah, just Change.
But I neva knew how
Neva knew wot.

Now, ho killah!
Change is da bomb.
I wen realize dat
I am change
Every second of muh life
And you know wot?
I no need search for here or how
I just gotta feel and trust
And go and adapt and
Not in da waistline
Though dat could happen
But expand my awareness uh.

Yeah, das wot I tink about change right now.


Today as I was walking I noticed that there were jellyfish swimming up the Ala Wai. There were over twenty of the weird but pretty looking creatures and the friend I was with stated why would they be swimming away from the ocean.

That got me thinking/paranoid. Why would they? And of all places, why the Ala Wai? Granted, jellyfish aren’t the most brilliant of creatures but they were swimming deeper and deeper to their deaths in the Ala Wai and isn’t self-preservation and survival ingrained in everything?

I am quite possibly blowing this out of proportion but what if there is something out there that drove them inward? Some vile thing that the jellyfish ohana would rather risk death in the polluted Ala Wai versus going back out to sea? As I wrote that I heard it aloud in my head and realized how conspiracy theorist it is. I’ll stop.

No, but really…


Nah, joke, I don’t know but it was pretty cool to see. Maybe that’s all it was supposed to be.

Signing out.