I’ve seen your smile for years now I recall the first time I wen spock you My mind no could Comprehend Such Beauty I remember the day I met you Eyes merged in the briefest of moment Yet I’ve come to the conclusion That a moment Where the soul Recognizes it’s match Is an eternity […]

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Day One

Today I began my training at Egan Inoue’s The Studio with Grappling Unlimited. I took my free class last week and that was enough to sell me on it. It was the third time I’d ever rolled and alot of fun albeit it kicked my butt. So again today I went and got to business […]

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I used to tink Brah, F*** change! I like how my life is. No need do anything different. I’m comfortable. Isn’t dat it? Isn’t dat life/ I started to tink one day Ho would be nice if I could change Change dis, change dat Change, Brah, just Change. But I neva knew how Neva knew […]

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Today as I was walking I noticed that there were jellyfish swimming up the Ala Wai. There were over twenty of the weird but pretty looking creatures and the friend I was with stated why would they be swimming away from the ocean. That got me thinking/paranoid. Why would they? And of all places, why […]

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