Today as I was walking I noticed that there were jellyfish swimming up the Ala Wai. There were over twenty of the weird but pretty looking creatures and the friend I was with stated why would they be swimming away from the ocean.

That got me thinking/paranoid. Why would they? And of all places, why the Ala Wai? Granted, jellyfish aren’t the most brilliant of creatures but they were swimming deeper and deeper to their deaths in the Ala Wai and isn’t self-preservation and survival ingrained in everything?

I am quite possibly blowing this out of proportion but what if there is something out there that drove them inward? Some vile thing that the jellyfish ohana would rather risk death in the polluted Ala Wai versus going back out to sea? As I wrote that I heard it aloud in my head and realized how conspiracy theorist it is. I’ll stop.

No, but really…


Nah, joke, I don’t know but it was pretty cool to see. Maybe that’s all it was supposed to be.

Signing out.



3 thoughts on “Jellyfish

  1. What about lemmings. Don’t they live just to commit mass suicide. I think thier internal voice strangly says death. Whats the life span of a jelly fish anyway? Just a thought….But super intereting concept though: Life rather then death, who has the fight in them.


  2. The tidal currents carry them up the canal. It’s not as if a jellyfish has anything like “free will” to ponder its destination… Wait ten or twelve hours and you’d have seen them going the other way.


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