Day One

Today I began my training at Egan Inoue’s The Studio with Grappling Unlimited. I took my free class last week and that was enough to sell me on it. It was the third time I’d ever rolled and alot of fun albeit it kicked my butt.

So again today I went and got to business for real taking the no-gi and gi classes. The classes I took before were with two Relson Gracie schools and they were cool and their people were very skilled as well. The reason I chose to go with this school is two-fold: One, Egan Inoue has been a professional athlete for close to thirty years and I knew that the training with GU would be top notch, and Two, and most important, there is a high level of professionalism, respect stressed, an ohana feel(maybe that’s not two-fold but professionalism and respect are parts of ohana to me).

I trained Muay Thai for a year straight while in college and on my own as best as I could since. I trained with three different schools and the thing I wanted was to feel a part of a team, of a family. I had this in different bursts. What kept me there was trying to learn about my spirit. Muay Thai is heavily influenced by Buddhist thought and that gave me some peace for awhile but with the exception of one school, the two-fold thing I was looking for wasn’t there.

So, long story short, I decided to begin my jiu-jitsu training with Grappling Unlimited. Today was very hard. While there were certain things I felt like I was picking up there is so much that I have to learn. I also have to get my body to a point where it can “flow with the go” as the Brasilians say.

I’m pretty excited for this new chapter of my life to unfold.

To be continued.

One thought on “Day One

  1. Awesome!!!! Good luck!!! I like your reasoning behind picking the school, I think it was a smart informed decision that you can feel good about later. How neat. Maybe you can right about thier training regimin, meaning do they only concentrate on one aspect or throw you into everything in the begining? How best do you learn this type of training?


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