Hawaii DOE Proposes Cutting JV Sports

WTF is the first thing that comes to mind. In a time where imminent economic doom seems more and more certain for many organizations, it’s easy to understand that pinching pennies is necessary but cutting JV sports… Come on now.

Athletics is something that allows for kids across the world to learn about themselves, work with others and ideally(but not always) be a part of healthy competition. The opportunities for most sports with kids to play competitively ends as high school approaches. There are always the parks and recs and PAL games, but those seasons aren’t as intense as what goes down in high school sports.

Eliminating JV sports will also dilute the talent pool of young athletes we have in Hawaii. Don’t think so? The experience practicing and in games in JV helps athletes prepare for the same at a higher level of competition. Repetition is a word heard often in athletics and it’s true, the more one does something, more it fits and the muscle memory takes place.

Here’s an idea, why doesn’t the DOE somehow get some funds from the rail project to assist it. Since they are only talking about cutting one million dollars which is a mere piss in the pot for the controversial Oahu project which has a projected budget in the billions.

(sigh). If this happens, even more so am I glad for the growth of MMA which will allow youth (and people of all ages) to come together and learn, train and compete.

3 thoughts on “Hawaii DOE Proposes Cutting JV Sports

  1. WTF is right!!!! Cutting JV sports is so entirely stupid. They already cut recesses back for kids, leaving them full of bottled up energy, only to force the kids to go home and and sit infront of a tv or video game. No exercise in an already obese world. Just lovely. What is the world comming to?


  2. School athletics gives the kids an outlet for all their pent up energy. It instills pride and yes the kids also experience defeat which is necessary to learn that life has disappointments that you have to overcome. We learn from our triumphs as well as our defeats.


  3. Children are our future, as it is now JV sports seldom get the recognition they deserve. Many of our children who do participate in JV sports are young and normally smaller, then there other school mates who are active in Varsity sports. The amount of students in High School is so great and the competition so intense, to eliminate JV sport would really hurt our young children. This would force kids to try out for varsity sports, the competition most are not ready for. It is already a great transition and possibly the most difficult period of a child’s life entering High School and statics show that the 9th grade year for most High School kids is the hardest. These kids need to compete with others at their same level and grow at that same level. Sports are a big part of most children’s lives and it keeps them focused and out of trouble. With sports comes academics and both are very important to teenagers.


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