the poet

i’ve not seen the poet much recently to see the poet again to feel the poetry again it’s poetic as repetitiously unpoetic as that is have you seen your inner poet?

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a tree once told me

eh, call me crazy but every time i go look at one tree i think self, try look da leaves no look like dey waving no remind you of one happy dog waiting to say Hi eh, call me crazy but i smile at dat i say hello word i high-five da trees i might […]

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I was checking my inbox Get messages from the usual characters For some reason I decided for search for you I found our smiles, our tears, our fists I asked my heart Should I save this My heart wen tell me All that matters you take with you No need re-hash the rest My inbox […]

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My fren, ho brah, she go tell me she excited cause she get to take one class from one activist dat going help her with her research I stoked for her My fren ho brah, she go tell me how she asked to sit in she say she wen tell da activist i know i’m […]

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So on Monday, I read in the Star Bulletin that the Advertiser writers were striking from posting blogs until a new discussion comes up in their labor agreement. I find this small kine funny. As a writer who dreams of getting paid to write, I can empathize so some degree. But since when did blogging […]

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I have found that the flow has somewhat come to a halt through neither your or my or anyone’s fault the time to write it comes and goes the time to do anything really it all comes and it goes the years have taught what in a few months i’ve come to see a world […]

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By Request: Thoughts on Absolute Truth

Absolute(from 4. free from restriction or limitation; not limited in any way: absolute command; absolute freedom. Truth: Too many definitions and none of which I FEEL(my own truth if you will) are pertinent to the discussion and I like Wikipedia’s opening paragraph on truth so you can read that: “The meaning of the word […]

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