I wen go check out dis spring

Dat stay by da house wea I wen grow up in

Neva been there since small keed time


I wen hea about um ova da years

How was no moa one spring

Cause wen dry up, like the earth was pau geev um to us


Ho sad I came, wen I wen look at um

Da buggah used to bubble up so full of life

Now was moa like looking inside da bottom of an empty pot


I sat on da now dead grass

Da no moa grass

Just da land…


I wen close my eyes and smile

Cause even though neva had da spring

Even though was pau, I wen still feel um, da mana


I took one deep breathe and held um in

Felt myself dive beneath da cool fresh watah

I let out my breath slowly


I opened my mind`s eye

And fo one moa time

I saw as clear as day da spring, full as it was


Even though gone, da buggah

Live on in me

Das how sometimes, das how


Wen was time fo go

I leaned ova da dry land the tears falling now

No could hold um in


I wen whisper:

I neva goin forget you my friend

I always going rememba…




This just in.  A spring in Waiakea Uka, long thought to have dried up began to flow again.  Local residents report the spring dried up well over a decade ago.  Who would have thought?


And now in Sports…

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