My fren,
ho brah,
she go tell me
she excited cause she
get to take one class from one activist
dat going help her with her research
I stoked for her

My fren
ho brah,
she go tell me
how she asked to sit in
she say she wen tell da activist
i know i’m white but…
da rest of da words
I hear um
but I not so stoked
it all kind of fades

ho brah,
I tell my fren
how come you had fo say dat
wen da activist is half-white
wasn’t even born in hawaii
not one keiki o ka aina…

ho brah
I used to tell people
how mad all dat make me
eh, I goin honor dat i neva goin like
da inequality of life
but I no need fill my heart with hate
get enough people lidat
no need me fo join dea crew

ho brah,
I going tell my kids
no let da ignorance
of others
of history
get in the way
of your dreams
of being you
cause das how
das wot’s important
it no mattah what color you
no mattah wea you stay from
no mattah how many times
people tell you oddawise
just know
wot mattah stay insai

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