Stop right there
from trying
to figure me out

Only thing
that’ll do
is make you scream and shout

I’m an enigma
One of a kind
L(aughing) O(ut) L(oud)

How can you expect solve my puzzle?
When I haven’t even mastered my own
Nor have you worked on yours.

O(ut) late

to get
their cake

Psst little guy
it’s right there
on your plate

A vision

The other day I had this vision. Yeah, vision. I have visions. Not visions like I can see what is going to happen but visions where I see images as clear as if it were right before me, only thing I hold the vision in my mind’s eye.

So the other day, I had this vision. I saw the faces of people, shadowy figures, as they sat on a train. It was as though I was the conductor. I was walking down the aisle, making sure everyone was taken care of on the journey. I saw as they looked at me or away or out the window.

This vision was so clear. I heard the thud-thud of the train, racing down the track. I knew not where it was going. But I know that we started this journey together and my job as conductor was to make sure I took care of everyone on the train.

The last thing, that I saw on the train, was the most clear, most vivid. It was a child, and for some reason, that was reassuring. I was glad to see we hadn’t forgotten the child in the shadows as we made our way on journey.

subtle impact

there are times it seems,
where a feather could drop,
and with it’s touch,
so light,
yet so much,
is passed,
as though,
it subtly impacts you


As I approach the setting sun
I realize I will never reach the horizon
And I am not scared
That does not bother me
Does not phase me
For there is always
Somewhere to go
Some thing to reach for
In this life
Or the next


i had a dream
and in this dream
i saw the poet
she was sleeping
as though she
were sunbathing
at night
i thought
ah, that is why
i have not written
poetry lately
the poet
has fallen asleep,
is in the wrong place
waiting for the sun
well, let me tell you
the sun waits
for no one
the sun is on its own path
as are we all
therefore, rather than waiting
for the poet to arise
i shall be poetic

Reality TV Show Ideas

I have come to accept that reality tv is going to forever be apart of our lives unless all technology disappears(not wishing this on anyone mind you). In light of that, as an aspiring writer, I’ve come up with some reality tv show ideas myself, because come on, all these shows are scripted in some way, shape, or form. That being said, here you go:

The I Love Category…

I Love Hoopz

The only reason I watch VH1 is Hoopz. Okay, slight exaggeration but yeah, this show should be the next in the spin-offs. I’ve had enough of New York.

That being said:

I Really Don’t Like New York

~In a non-scientific poll I conducted in my mind, 98% of people report that they dislike Tiffany “New York” Patterson and probably only watch because they can’t stand her. I know right, doesn’t make sense, we don’t like her yet… Why is she a millionaire? That being said, why not have I Really Don’t Like New York. You can have people throw pies at her and the like. I bet you, ratings would go through the roof, guarans.

America’s Best…

Best Parkour Crew

This would have to be a World’s Best though since most of the best crews are outside of the US. What better than a bunch of traceurs on different teams do a relay in getting through a city? Then they compete around the world. Be hard to film but great to watch. If you don’t know parkour or traceurs, YouTube David Belle, Parkour, and/or/all of the above free running. If you’re too lazy, think the opening scene of Casino Royale. If you haven’t seen that and are too lazy then I can’t help you.

The Next…

The Next Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is awesome. While doing commentary for UFC, he is technical just the right amount, so much so that the average fan and the hardcore “I train therefore I am” can sit and watch and be happy. Elite XC needs him or someone like him for their broadcast team, especially if they are going to keep feeding Kimbo cans(sorry Ken Shamrock, you’re an all time great and a minute part of me is cheering for you, but Kimbo is going to eat you alive). Don’t know how they would film this, but I imagine the people showing up would be pretty funny to watch.

The Surreal Life Challenge

Uh… The Surreal Life Challenge

This would be crazy if you consider that they have a collective cast that includes Flavor Flav, Jose Canseco, Ron Jeremy, Omarosa, etc. That being said have they can bring back Gary Coleman to host.

All ideas have been registered with the WGA West so no mess. Nah, joke, my moneymaker is under wraps. But, I bet you really wanna know… Okay, I’ll spill it or should I say I’ll:

Splash it…


Think Punk’d but better. This reality show runs in my head every time I’m walking and someone does something stupid, a driver or a pedestrian, I don’t discriminate. It involves a bunch of water balloons and any act deemed splashable gets, you got it: Splashed!

Yawn. And there you have. I just spouted off a few ideas that would be more or at the very least as entertaining and ratings garnering as the reality fodder now. Now if I can just get Mario Lopez to host…

Aloha kakou!

Evan Tanner – Rest In Peace

It was reported today that Evan Tanner was found dead in the SoCal desert. Tanner is the former UFC Middleweight Champion. Tanner had an overall record of 32-8 and was Middleweight Champion prior to the reigns of Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva. He was a tough dude. Hawaii’s own Kendall Groves carved a split decision victory over Tanner recently, but there was a reason it was split, he just couldn’t be put away. He took some cracks that lesser opponents would have quit but his performances were pure heart.

Tanner had planned a journey into the desert, a spiritual journey, and had undertook such treks in the past. On his blog, he hints at the possibility of how dangerous this one would be. Can’t say this was what he intended to be the outcome but I hope wherever his soul is, it’s resting.

Mahalo nui loa for the memories. You were a true warrior.

“It is a shame that in this society we’ve been taught to judge a man’s worth by what he owns instead of who he is. Everything is surface, and so few look beyond it. A man will sell his soul, he will lie, cheat and steal, for money. If he has it, he can buy respect. Wear the right clothes, drive the right car, have the right friends, that’s all that matters. Our lives are consumed in a selfish, self absorbed quest for possessions, the latest and the best in a never-ending cycle until the day we die. We forget what it means to be truly human. We forget the things that really matter. We lose the magic of what life should be.

I won’t live by rules that make no sense to me.”

– Evan Tanner