Stop right there from trying to figure me out Only thing that’ll do is make you scream and shout I’m an enigma One of a kind L(aughing) O(ut) L(oud) How can you expect solve my puzzle? When I haven’t even mastered my own Nor have you worked on yours. L(ittle) M(en) A(ll) O(ut) late Trying […]

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A vision

The other day I had this vision. Yeah, vision. I have visions. Not visions like I can see what is going to happen but visions where I see images as clear as if it were right before me, only thing I hold the vision in my mind’s eye. So the other day, I had this […]

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subtle impact

there are times it seems, where a feather could drop, and with it’s touch, so light, yet so much, is passed, as though, it subtly impacts you

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As I approach the setting sun I realize I will never reach the horizon And I am not scared That does not bother me Does not phase me For there is always Somewhere to go Some thing to reach for In this life Or the next

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i had a dream and in this dream i saw the poet she was sleeping as though she were sunbathing at night i thought ah, that is why i have not written poetry lately the poet has fallen asleep, is in the wrong place waiting for the sun well, let me tell you the sun […]


Reality TV Show Ideas

I have come to accept that reality tv is going to forever be apart of our lives unless all technology disappears(not wishing this on anyone mind you). In light of that, as an aspiring writer, I’ve come up with some reality tv show ideas myself, because come on, all these shows are scripted in some […]

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Evan Tanner – Rest In Peace

It was reported today that Evan Tanner was found dead in the SoCal desert. Tanner is the former UFC Middleweight Champion. Tanner had an overall record of 32-8 and was Middleweight Champion prior to the reigns of Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva. He was a tough dude. Hawaii’s own Kendall Groves carved a split decision […]

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