A vision

The other day I had this vision. Yeah, vision. I have visions. Not visions like I can see what is going to happen but visions where I see images as clear as if it were right before me, only thing I hold the vision in my mind’s eye.

So the other day, I had this vision. I saw the faces of people, shadowy figures, as they sat on a train. It was as though I was the conductor. I was walking down the aisle, making sure everyone was taken care of on the journey. I saw as they looked at me or away or out the window.

This vision was so clear. I heard the thud-thud of the train, racing down the track. I knew not where it was going. But I know that we started this journey together and my job as conductor was to make sure I took care of everyone on the train.

The last thing, that I saw on the train, was the most clear, most vivid. It was a child, and for some reason, that was reassuring. I was glad to see we hadn’t forgotten the child in the shadows as we made our way on journey.

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