Ho, wen I was moa young
I loved to fish
Bra was so mean
Every time I wen go fish
Was wit my Fadah
Some good memories dat

You wot time I remembah most?
Was wen had me, My Dad and my Bradah
We neva catch nothing dat time
But was Fadah and Sons
And well, not too much memories is better dan dat

Nowadays, I fish alone
Not cause I no like fish wit dem
But my Fadah, he on one other island
And my Bradah, he always get work
Das okay, I still remembah

And well, the fishing I do
Is moa like life fishing
I stay casting here and there
Fo’ different opportunities
Den see watch the tide brings my way

Still kinda like small keed time
When was me and my Dad
Only thing it’s like trust in Above

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