Thanksgiving Numero Dos

A year ago, I wrote about Thanksgiving at the Dole House where friends become family.  While the Dole House event was successful and wonderful and (fill-in any and all great sounding adjective), we will not be repeating the fiesta as life is driving us to other areas.  This year Thanksgiving will be spent with other but equally important family, the ones bound by blood.

Earlier, I wrote what I was thankful for on my less-glamorous MySpace Blog:

“I thank Above and Beyond for all the blessings.  I thank you good people for keeping it real as can be.  And I thank me for having the perseverance not to throw away my ideals. ”

I’d like to expand on that here:

I also want to thank the Above and Beyond.

God to some, Buddha-Nature to others, Allah, Ganesh, Brahma, Ra, Osiris, Pele, and so many different names.  Above, Beyond, and I might add All-Around for me.  Thank all parts of You for paving the road on this beautiful journey.

I thank you good people for keeping it real as can be.

Truly, thank you all so much.  My family, my friends, that lady that helped me out of the blue to pick up a tie, my Coaches, that douche/saint who hit me with their car and never stop but opened my eyes to acceptance, everyone really because each cog is important in the life machina.  Oh and I can’t forgot to say thanks to that little girl who taught me how it important and great something so simple as a smile can be all those years years ago.  Mahalo nui loa to all of you.

And I thank me for having the perseverance not to throw away my ideals.

I can’t stress how important we each are in life, especially our own lives.  We are each the lead character in our own movie, our own book!!!  If you took Indiana Jones or Harry Potter out of their respective stories it wouldn’t be the same.

That being said, I’m thankful for having the strength to believe despite the challenges and the dark times. I am thankful for digging deep and pressing on through it all with my ideals on one sleeve and the knowledge that comes with learning from life experiences on the other.  I’m thankful for my gifts as well as my faults because they are here to aid me in this journey.  And I am thankful for the Aloha, the Spirit that is deep in my heart.

Our society faults us for being proud at times, in Hawaii, it’s a little more frowned upon.  I’ll be the first to say I can’t stand it when someone like Kanye West is a prick while at the same time be the first to say he makes some wonderful music.  Then there’s the things I’ve said about the number of politicians I’ve observed along the way, but you know, I feel many of them believe what they are doing is making the world better.  It’s those people, who honor and challenge our beliefs and feelins, who show us what’s deep within us.  All the good and not-so that we see in the world comes from within.  And well, I can’t fault anyone else for living their truth along the way.

This Thanksgiving is more about truly living for me and for once I’m going within to find out what that really is about.  I’ve but grazed the surface in this area but that’s not going to stop me from continuing in that direction.

Have a great Thanksgiving to any and all.  What a wonderful world we’ve created and I really mean that.

Mahalo ke Akua.


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