Reflecting on 08

 As I sit and ponder what a wild ride 2008 was, I find myself with a silly grin(actually because I am listening to R&B on and it’s the Usher song where Ludacris calls Usher, “Ursher”, and as I’ve mentioned in the past, I find that hilarious). Sayings that stand out to me from 08: […]

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What the Universe Drew

I started drawing in recent months. Amazing how a simple sketch can reveal Something hidden deep within A talent, a passion, an appreciation It is as though everywhere I look The artistry of the Universe is at play: Wispy clouds, a loose sketch freeing the hand Light glistening along the water, different shading techiques The […]

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Frantic Exhiliration

I’d forgotten how your being seems to radiate with a frantic exhiliration.  Your smile, the same smile, the smile that lit me up though I might not have always shown it.  Your overall energy, so much like mine in that ideas and passion and places to go, yet I failed to acknowledge it during our […]

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No be scared

I fear writing poetry at times For my English and Grammar Have been taught by life And it’s just as easy, sometimes, Much more preferable To write this lidat Yet when I sit Pen in hand Or keys kissing fingertips I am able to flow as I unfold And detach from my conscious Know-it-all and […]

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