Reflecting on 08

 As I sit and ponder what a wild ride 2008 was, I find myself with a silly grin(actually because I am listening to R&B on and it’s the Usher song where Ludacris calls Usher, “Ursher”, and as I’ve mentioned in the past, I find that hilarious).

Sayings that stand out to me from 08:
“You don’t know shit, J.”
~Back in the day, rewind like ten years, I was always playing with words and would say: “I know that I know not, therefore I know nothing, and in the process, I know everything.”  Well, since then, I’ve learned so much more compared to then, so really I didn’t know shit and to a great extent, what do I know now?  I am continually amazed at how much there is to learn in life and livingis truly a blessed, beautiful, bodacious, boombastic, bootylicious, bizarre, and the best teacher out there.

“Slow your roll…”
~We used to say this to dog on the b-boy wannabes cause let’s face it, hip-hop culture in Hawaii is small kine lacking, but eh, it is what it is.  This is such a great saying

Movie(s) of the year:
Tie: The Dark Knight and Seven Pounds
The Dark Knight was such a great illustration of Jungian psychology(In my opinion): the Batman and his shadow, the Joker, while the Batman was a shadow himself.  It explored so many different recesses of the mind.  Couple it with Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker, a character who was so pure and satisfied with who he was, accepted who he was, was simply amazing as it was scary.

Seven Pounds is here because it is about love.  Life is about love.  While we may not see it, and it takes us through a crazy ride in the process, doing things and living out of love is the greatest thing we can ever do because doing so can improve the well-being of the world and in this case, maybe even give/save life.

Book(s) of the year:
So I do this thing where I read parts of books at a time and so on and blah blah but there were a handful I read in their entirety and my (drum roll, opens award envelope) pick for book of the year is Blink by Marcus Gladwell, which is all about our intuition and exploring psychological aspects of it in order to understand, train ourselves to work better with it.  Pretty gnarly stuff

Song of the year:
“Just Dance”- Lady Gaga ft. Akon
~This is like if Nike’s “Just Do It” attitude and that “I Hope You Dance” song got together and had a baby.  It’s got the whole get out there and live like you’re dancing and life’s a party but instead of hoping you’re out there going for it.  Go for it in ’09 people whatever it is, was, and forever will be.

Reality Show of the Year:
~Tila’s Shot at Love came to an end… twice.  New York went to Hollywood and Flav got married to a woman not on the show and sadly the Hogan’s got divorced, went to jail and/or moved(not in that order or all of them).  What is the world coming to without Tila, New York, ya boy, Flava Flav or Hulk Hogan knowing best?  Didn’t change much as there’s a dozen new ones to whet the palette.  That being said: I gotta go with Real Chance of Love.  Gotta.  How can you not laugh at the reality show, that is the spin-off, of a spin-off, of a spin-off, of a spin-off?  What is the world coming too or been at?

Food and Beverage Category:
Whole Foods, Water, and Tea.  All winners in this blog.

Coolest thing I did:
Spend three weeks in Hilo(longest in awhile), start training Jiu-Jitsu, realize I can draw, fasting, changing lifestyle, oh yeah, that’s all because I was unemployed.  It was really hard to be unemployed(shut your inner douches “yeah right” for one sec).  It was hard in that I had to really get out of my ego.  I had to trust that this was something that would put me into a better place.

In my life, I’ve been in positions where I made money, where I had “responsibilities”, where I contributed to society.  I’ve worked full-time and have a part-time job on the side or basically full-time and a full-time student while going to school for the past ten years, all because I thought I had too, thought that was right.  I did all of that and well, found life to be largely unappealing at many points because I hadn’t taken the time to get into myself, really know me, be okay being with me, and all that stuff that comes with solitude.  Bottom line I didn’t enjoy the moment, my life, or even knew what it took for any of that.

Unemployment allowed me that, for that, sacrificing my ego, dealing with the dirty or immediate judgmental looks of people, comments and then more looks from friends and family, was small compared to what I’m taking away because I threw out what I thought I was supposed to do and went inside.  So as much as there’s a part of me that is like ‘F-U pricks who want to guide my life” there’s a much larger part that can accept that feeling and allow the joy that comes with living to brighten those shadows.

Closing 08:
I’m in a place that’s pretty interesting.  I go back to the Legislature on Monday for my third session.  A year ago, I thought I’d only be back if I ran for office cause quite frankly, I didn’t want to go back.  Glad I didn’t run even though fate would have given me a unique chance at winning.  Glad I realized that there is more for me to learn in order to be better, so I can give more to my life, to the world.  Glad, I’m going back.

This is the third year I’ll be there and the last two years, when I was about to start, I remember thinking, wow, life is pretty fricking good, and last session was better than the first and each year of my life has been getting better too.  That being said, year three, third times the charm.  Whatever comes in ’09 is going to be pretty spectactular as while this year symbolically I’m starting in the same situation, THE FEELING AND THE MOMENT THAT I OPEN MY EYES FOR THE FIRST TIME UPON WAKING IS THE SAME ONE EACH AND EVERY DAY.  And who knows what that day will hold.

Peace, roots, rock, reggae, one love, most of all: Aloha and Mahalo.  You all rock.  Stay classy and to ’09, may it be “Hecka Slammin” for all of you.

What the Universe Drew

I started drawing in recent months.
Amazing how a simple sketch can reveal
Something hidden deep within
A talent, a passion, an appreciation
It is as though everywhere I look
The artistry of the Universe is at play:
Wispy clouds, a loose sketch freeing the hand
Light glistening along the water, different shading techiques
The yellow, the blue that makes green, well, um green
And it all began with a love of t-shirt and tattoo artwork
Ed Hardy Trucker Hat: $61.00
Hart and Huntington Tattoo: $350.00
Drawing upon a sheet of paper so that we can know
The true beauty of the world: Priceless

Frantic Exhiliration

I’d forgotten how your being seems to radiate with a frantic exhiliration.  Your smile, the same smile, the smile that lit me up though I might not have always shown it.  Your overall energy, so much like mine in that ideas and passion and places to go, yet I failed to acknowledge it during our time.  Perhaps you were my anima.  Perhaps not.  Grateful am I for our time and more so for getting to see you one more time.  Perhaps our paths will cross again.  Perhaps not.  Either way, I’ll never forget your frantic exhiliration fo/for being ever.  Mahalo to and nothing but Love to TBN.

No be scared

I fear writing poetry at times
For my English and Grammar
Have been taught by life
And it’s just as easy, sometimes,
Much more preferable
To write this lidat
Yet when I sit
Pen in hand
Or keys kissing fingertips
I am able to flow as I unfold
And detach from my conscious
Know-it-all and
The fear at times
Of writing poetry, and living life,
Just flies away

Musings over a cup of te

This coffee cup, it’s… it’s empty.
Shall I rush to fill it up?
Or have I had enough of this cup?
Perhaps it is time for tea
For don’t you see
Sometimes a change is

Vulnerability to be weak

I’ve long hidden my strength
Within my weakness
So much so that
I forgot what it meant to be strong
But then again
Some of the greatest strength
I’ve known is within my vulnerability
To be weak.