So I had this conversation….

So I had this conversation
with Destiny you see
and you know what she told me?
Ha, if I said a thing you’d never believe me.

She started out with the stars
and their alignment at birth
how my soul had come back
past enlightenment shirked

Confused I found this
though I’ve always felt a mission
was what I was here for
and at the same time missing

Eluded and deluded
I continued to follow
for Destiny talks
whether or not you listen

She spoke of the past
and how it has shaped me
She spoke of my feelings
and how they can make or break me

I’d shed many tears over time
She could tell
I’d shook my fist and struck blows
She would laugh

“But what about the smiles”
She began
“What about the excitement of life?”
She might add

Ah, Destiny,
Speak to me
I’m listening
And just lidat


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