Fishing Tales

We all know the guy who likes to embellish their stories no matter if you were there and you saw first hand kine and you must have grown up in the wilderness without talking to another soul if you never heard the “I caught a fish this big” blah-buh-be-blah-blah-blah story. “Fishing Tales” with Mike Sakamoto […]

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what’s your story

what’s your story morning glory? that never quite made sense cause I never knew my story as I’d not known any stories but stories abound in every culture all around the world this culture that is ‘mine’ not so sure but that far-off land with the tale of the rising sun and the dragons oh […]

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slow your roll

the sweat drips from my brow my hand reaching up to catch that drop too slow (plop) as it hits the mat soon i follow on my back a sprawl too late eyes closed feeling, what comes next is that right i don’t know but i remember this is a bad place shrimp to my […]

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