spiritually vacant

the spiritually vacant are a challenge for me.  i believe that each person deserves to do what is best for their souls and that can be surfing, walking, church, whatever.  figure it out, find what works.  it’s when i encounter the people who are so far removed from their souls that i trip out, like so far that the joy of living is not present, the smiles are fake, the energy is depleting.

maybe it’s a feeling.  perhaps it’s the lack of glow in the eyes.  i can’t say for certain, there’s times i just know it to be true, and i’ll be the first to admit i don’t know a damn thing for certain, it’s mostly feelings that can’t be explained adequately with language.  but, BUT, that’s one thing i know, and know well, the spiritually vacant.

i know them because i was once one of them.  devoid, hidden, lost, whatever it is, i find it to be truly sad.  i pray you my brothers and sisters who are there, i don’t know what your soul is trying to learn, wish i could remove the splinter from your eye but i’m still pulling the timber from my own.  for now, all i can share with you is to look at that skyline, smile at the tree, dive into the ocean, take a step and feel, be filled.

good speed.  peace be the journey.

One thought on “spiritually vacant

  1. I forget, but I think it was Plato that said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Not sure what he meant by that but I usually take it as a comment on the waste that happens when people don’t take the time to really look at themselves and the world around them. If you wanna call that being spiritual, going. I let you.


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