Valentine’s Day: Undraped and on the floor next to the bed

Happy St. Valentine’s Day World!!!

Or Single Awareness Day or Corporate Holiday or all of the above depending on where you fall in the spectrum relating to February 14th, 2009.

In my opinion, love people all the time, celebrate your love with your Signif. always. But if you do have a special someone or plural(eh, I don’t know, some people got mad love to give, who am I to judge), I hope you’re out there having an extra sense of celebratory joy going on today.  I’ll leave it short and sweet at that though as a poet I must say that love a love ever so sweet, one that is purest in the moment, a moment, which if I could prolong, I would, for even though life is but one long day, the passing moments since the moment our eyes last danced seems to me an eternity.

If only you could go Pro at being a poet.  I always wanted to go Pro but that’s a different story and sport.

Here are some random facts of February 14th, that you may or may not know:

~It’s in February.  Since the adoption of this calendar cycle, February, and all other months have incorporated a 14th day into the equation.  Who would’ve figured?

~Named after two martyred dudes(Saints) named Valentine.

~Valentine’s were originally hand-written notes expressing love between two (or more, we don’t know how they did back in the day) lovers.

~The day became associated with romantic love the time of Chaucer, when courtly love began to flourish.  I can hear all the guy’s right now, “Chaucer, dat buggah…”

~The U.S. Greeting Card Association reports that St. V’s Day is second in greeting card holidays behind none other than Christmas.  I bet Cupid is shaking his fist as his arrow seemed to miss on that one.

~The U.S. Greeting Card Association also reports that men spend twice as much on Valentine’s Day then women.  Hmmm…

Again, spread the Aloha today.  Have fun, and if you can’t do it 24/7 then, well, you got probs in my opinion,nah, nah, it’s hard, but gotta keep striving.

But, in closing, with my Joe Moore moment:

Finally, did you know, in the UK, they celebrate St. Dwynwen’ss Day on January 25th.  That’s right, now you can celebrate your love in January and February and in Brazil, they have Dia dos Namorados, Day of the Enamored, in June, and in Finland, and in Korea!

Ho, I see a pattern, special love days around the world, maybe, just maybe, it really is possible to celebrate a day of love each and every day.  And if it’s not, it’s only a matter of time before you see cards for St. Dwynwen’s at Hallmark.


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