Feel Me Up

“I know where I’m going and I know the truth and I don’t have to be what you want me to be.  I’m free to be what I want.”

The words of Muhammed Ali, a man who for better or worse defied everything, did it his way.  While these words resonate for me, about the only thing I can say that differs is that I feel more than I know.

To me, knowledge is fleeting.  While I have always sought and believed in something more, I now realize that it was more a seeking meaning versus knowing.  The more I know, the less I actually do, it limits me.  I was once told: the moment you label is the moment you begin to close the doors on every other possibility.

But feeling, feeling is everything.  I remember throughout the darkness of adolescence telling people “I hate feeling, I hate being human.”  I have a greater understanding today why that is and I’m sure it will grow deeper with the turning of the pages in my story.

I believe that life in its simplest form is energy, it is feeling.  How we experience those feelings may be different but ultimately, if we allow it, that feeling itself can be shared.  So while we can never walk in another’s shoes, we can surely empathize(at times sympathize) with a feeling and share this journey with others in a deeper, fuller way.

Children are the greatest example.  Haven’t you seen where one child cries and other children begin to cry as well?  It’s because they feel.  They feel so much, love, and enjoy every aspect of being.  Society has not yet tainted everything for them.

All this being said, what’s my point, yada yada yada, we really are truly free to be what we want.  We are free to connect with others and live one long experience of meaning.

That is the one thing I’ll say I feel that I know.  (Wink wink).




3 Replies to “Feel Me Up”

  1. All infants know is how to feel. We teach them everything else later, for better or worse. Sometimes I think learning has more to do with remembering things we used to know than gaining “new” knowledge. Feel that?


  2. “Feeling” is definitely more primitive/primal than reason or logic. Animals run on instinct, which is unfiltered feeling that produces action. Human children are born with feelings and instincts, but they quickly learn to interpret those feelings and control them with reason. I think the problem arises when we REPLACE instinct and feeling with reason and logic, instead of using them as tools together to interpret the world. We lose humanity and spirituality. But there is no PROGRESS without reason, either. Therefore, follow the Middle Way and love moderately.


  3. Love it! Especially the title. So true. Didn’t we have the conversation…maybe it was someone else. I had this conversation with someone about the statement I say often, ” I know exactly how you feel.” While many people hate to hear this said because they don’t believe that people actually know exactly how they feel. But, it ’tis true! Many times I find myself feeling the hurt and silent turmoil of another person; and all they have to do is stand beside me. But, then with feelings, I ask myself are they always true. I’ve been told several times by my “religious” peers that feelings are mere lies. Does that mean that there are two separate catagories for feelings? One which another feels and one which we feel for others?


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