Post 139

the energy is flowing differently these days
i’ve been saying that for a while i know
but this time, i feel and see how it is different
a smile breaks out at this amazement

Frak You

“Fuck you.”
It was a terse statement this time
Only a little sharper
Not like the “fuck you + = )”
That was in jest
And far from the
“I want to fuck you”
From nights long past
No this particular “fuck you”
Was laced with a bit of pain
A dash of sadness
The kind of “fuck you” that could
Only be mixed in a love
Between two fragmented
aka star-“crossed” lovers
As they fought for even ground
“Fuck you” to be heard
To be loved
Once more…

For Always

Note: I don’t like to use explicit words in writing but sometimes they help to illustrate a bit more, what am I trying to say, how about this:

This illustrate “Fully, once more… For Always”



The poetry
It slowly drips
Off each tip of
My fingers
As it strokes the pen
In such a way
The mere sight of words
Ignite deep within
A subtle reminder
Much like our collective juices
That slides in and out
Out and in
The poetry
Between us
Is not written in words
For we write with our bodies
Directed by our hearts
Brought to you by
Co-Production of these two Souls