Channeled for All

This message is channeled for all who wish to learn from this existence. It is the thought form flowing through the body which is received in the mind of he who is typing. It is flowed through a vessel.

We are all vessels. We are all receptors. We can all experience the oneness that was spoken by all of the masters and teachers throughout time.

The age is nearing where catastrophic change will unhinge the thought patterns of all of society. It is not a time to be afraid though many of you will fear this.

Remember, be not afraid. As Jesus once said, “I go before you” and as the Buddhist doctrine of the Four Noble Truths and as the sacred text of the Qu’ran and as and as and as.

Believe in what you will and seek what you must but the only thing that is important, in its simplest form is to be not afraid.

For it is fear that limits us all. It is fear that is the opposite of love. Do not question love. Love is pure. It is that which all of creation has arisen. It is what is.

This message is reaching its conclusion. This message is available to all who choose to accept the frequency at which it is being sent. It is already a part of you.

Will you tune in?

We love…

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