March 17, 2010

The time is upon us.  The earth’s axis has shifted.  As you have already experienced with the weather changes and the catastrophic natural occurrences that are taking place to cleanse the earth you shall soon see and feel the real power of this energetic shift as has been described and shared by your science and mysticism for many years upon years throughout generations.

Do not fear, have faith that this will soon pass and a new, brighter day shall awaken.  As many have said, through the darkest night is the brightest day.  Consider this period the night with few bright lights of shooting stars and a dimming moon.  The sun shall soon rise and mankind will know what it truly is and what it means to live.

Not since the Atlantean age has the earth had such tremendous potential.  To some this may cause alarm for it exists outside the sphere of the conscious mind.  One must journey into the unconscious and flow with the momentum of all that is and was and forever shall be.

The words might sound mysterious but breathe deep and a resonance will arise deep in your soul.  The scribe is confused when he sits in his mind as well and grows fearful when we refer to him as the scribe.  As you have said for years upon years throughout generations but have butchered in interpretation: do not kill the MESSAGE.

Peace be to all.  Shalom.  Aloha.  Namaste.  As it was in the beginning, so shall it come to pass with a new chapter of creation.

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