Love Overcomes All

“Hark the Herald Angel Sings: Glory to the newborn King.”

Over time, religion has morphed to hide the true message of what this symbolism means.

The newborn King was love coming to bloom in all its glory on earth. The message of Jesus was clear: Love. Over time this has been lost as man has denied himself even a glimpse of his true nature.

The Christ and many other teachers, before and after, have made it clear, so clear, that it is hard to believe.

Trust in the Love that is the guiding light of your heart. That is what is meant by the expression “Follow your heart” and for those who accept this message in their lives, the “Kingdom of Heaven” and all its riches will open up in their daily lives.

It is now the time for love to awaken within you. Let the words resonate for they are meant to heal the rift that causes this inner turmoil and inability to love fully.

So it is written by whom it was told.

Accelerated Intuition

My intuitive abilities have been rapidly increasing or showing themselves recently. What began as gut feelings awhile back and led into channeled writing and tarot reading is now, dare I say, a full blown adventure with the supernatural and unknown.

I don’t know what exactly is the cause for all of this. An adviser told me that April, May, and June would be the months of my empowerment. Her guides told her that I had experienced my enlightenment around the same time last year.

Maybe one day, I can collate all my thoughts but for now I’ll stick with what happened last week. For lack of storyteller’s sake, let me just bullet my experiences from this past week in chronological order:

~Seeing auras during training for a new job
~Sensing danger in my heart chakra while looking out a passenger window of a car and seeing that the driver was looking at her nails and able to draw her attention to the cars stopped ahead allowing her to pull off the road
~Talking to a playful spirit who asked that I look under my front doormat and thanked me
~Watching Jessica start to sneeze and take it away from her in my own nose

Here’s the week prior:
~Felt a deep connection and sense of gratitude to the Universe for my life, feeling an euphoric energy course through me
~Feel the nervousness of fellow competitors in my heart chakra when I had been calm just seconds earlier and someone new entered my space
~Saw an aura of a friend, tinged with green, had it verified but another party, to learn that green reminded this person of his deceased father, and sensing that his father wanted the message conveyed that he was still there
~Gave my first reading without using tarot cards

The only thing I can deduce as cause for this growth is that I feel like I am coming into my own. If this were of a movie, the coming of age part would have concluded leading to the lead character blossoming into…

And therein lies the rub. What am I blossoming into? I know where I’d like to be five years from now. I really feel that the Universe has revealed a part of what I am to do in my life. But how do I get there?

Now as much as my intuition is growing, I dare not ask that question. The question I ask when I channel, is what does the Universe want my Conscious mind to reflect on.

I’ll keep you posted…

Thoughts off the top of my head/Free Writing

~I feel like I walk between two worlds. No Blade humor intended. What I mean by this is that I feel as though I exist in this contemporary age and at times buy into it’s trappings however, I realize this is just an illusion, my life merely a stroke of a brush on a giant universal canvas, and I am just strolling through because my soul has a reason for doing so…

~I pulled my left calf muscle. Ouch/FrickDamnit/etc. Kind of bummed because I wanted to push it in Jiu-jitsu but oh well. Will have to make do with the hand I’m dealt.

~I realized what I want to do with my life. Now I just have to get there. LMAO.

~I am torn between staying in Hawaii and moving. If I can find work that allows me to move freely and compete in Federation tournaments across the continental US and even further than I’ll stay because I love the Gracie Barra I’m at and I traveling frequently makes staying in Hawaii cool. If I can’t, then I’m totally down to peace out and try a new scene so long as I find a great place to train…

~Note: My life is geared around training because I feel strongly that what I want to do with my life involves opening up my own school someday and teaching. What a dream that would be!

~I won $3 in the lottery. Kind of cool. Always thought I’d win millions as a kid and travel. Good thing I held on to those tickets eh?

~I suppose that’s it for now. Chee huu peeps!

Masculinism Part One

There is a need for a masculinism. Why you may ask? Because this disconnected “man’s world” is out of touch with what it really means to be a man.

In the predominantly, alpha male/machismo culture that exists today, men snuff out any type of feeling and sensitivity, unless it’s anger. We’re quite efficient at anger. What happens when someone (this goes for you too ladies) suppresses feelings, it manifests in many ways until it is addressed.

At first, it could come in a dream. A man may find himself dressed as a woman in a dream. The average alpha wannabe will freak out and as a result feel a sense that his masculinity is challenged. This is not the case. Most likely the feminine energy of that man asking to be acknowledged and the subsequent over-compensation of running to the gym or trying to sleep with someone could be avoided.

What follows if this goes on, will be an outburst that is probably very extreme (think going postal…). If a feeling is suppressed and not acknowledged, the Universe in conjunction with the sub-conscious finds a way to bring this to light.

If this goes one over time, illness and dis-ease takes hold in the body. Modern western medicine has created drugs that will suppress emotion and feeling further but then the body becomes weighed down, either through weight gain and/or decay of the organs and system.

It’s no wonder that stress is amongst the leading causes of death. In fact the three leading causes of death in America, heart disease, obesity, and stress are all linked to the suppression of our feelings.

It’s okay to feel guys. It’s necessary to feel if the world is to evolve to its next phase.

To be continued…

the cards have been dealt
and the dealer sits back with a smile
as the players posture and pose

i decide to go all in
for that’s the only way
I can play this hand of life