Love Overcomes All

“Hark the Herald Angel Sings: Glory to the newborn King.” Over time, religion has morphed to hide the true message of what this symbolism means. The newborn King was love coming to bloom in all its glory on earth. The message of Jesus was clear: Love. Over time this has been lost as man has […]

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Accelerated Intuition

My intuitive abilities have been rapidly increasing or showing themselves recently. What began as gut feelings awhile back and led into channeled writing and tarot reading is now, dare I say, a full blown adventure with the supernatural and unknown. I don’t know what exactly is the cause for all of this. An adviser told […]

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Masculinism Part One

There is a need for a masculinism. Why you may ask? Because this disconnected “man’s world” is out of touch with what it really means to be a man. In the predominantly, alpha male/machismo culture that exists today, men snuff out any type of feeling and sensitivity, unless it’s anger. We’re quite efficient at anger. […]

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the cards have been dealt and the dealer sits back with a smile as the players posture and pose i decide to go all in for that’s the only way I can play this hand of life

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