Masculinism Part One

There is a need for a masculinism. Why you may ask? Because this disconnected “man’s world” is out of touch with what it really means to be a man.

In the predominantly, alpha male/machismo culture that exists today, men snuff out any type of feeling and sensitivity, unless it’s anger. We’re quite efficient at anger. What happens when someone (this goes for you too ladies) suppresses feelings, it manifests in many ways until it is addressed.

At first, it could come in a dream. A man may find himself dressed as a woman in a dream. The average alpha wannabe will freak out and as a result feel a sense that his masculinity is challenged. This is not the case. Most likely the feminine energy of that man asking to be acknowledged and the subsequent over-compensation of running to the gym or trying to sleep with someone could be avoided.

What follows if this goes on, will be an outburst that is probably very extreme (think going postal…). If a feeling is suppressed and not acknowledged, the Universe in conjunction with the sub-conscious finds a way to bring this to light.

If this goes one over time, illness and dis-ease takes hold in the body. Modern western medicine has created drugs that will suppress emotion and feeling further but then the body becomes weighed down, either through weight gain and/or decay of the organs and system.

It’s no wonder that stress is amongst the leading causes of death. In fact the three leading causes of death in America, heart disease, obesity, and stress are all linked to the suppression of our feelings.

It’s okay to feel guys. It’s necessary to feel if the world is to evolve to its next phase.

To be continued…

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