Thoughts off the top of my head/Free Writing

~I feel like I walk between two worlds. No Blade humor intended. What I mean by this is that I feel as though I exist in this contemporary age and at times buy into it’s trappings however, I realize this is just an illusion, my life merely a stroke of a brush on a giant universal canvas, and I am just strolling through because my soul has a reason for doing so…

~I pulled my left calf muscle. Ouch/FrickDamnit/etc. Kind of bummed because I wanted to push it in Jiu-jitsu but oh well. Will have to make do with the hand I’m dealt.

~I realized what I want to do with my life. Now I just have to get there. LMAO.

~I am torn between staying in Hawaii and moving. If I can find work that allows me to move freely and compete in Federation tournaments across the continental US and even further than I’ll stay because I love the Gracie Barra I’m at and I traveling frequently makes staying in Hawaii cool. If I can’t, then I’m totally down to peace out and try a new scene so long as I find a great place to train…

~Note: My life is geared around training because I feel strongly that what I want to do with my life involves opening up my own school someday and teaching. What a dream that would be!

~I won $3 in the lottery. Kind of cool. Always thought I’d win millions as a kid and travel. Good thing I held on to those tickets eh?

~I suppose that’s it for now. Chee huu peeps!

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