Love Overcomes All

“Hark the Herald Angel Sings: Glory to the newborn King.”

Over time, religion has morphed to hide the true message of what this symbolism means.

The newborn King was love coming to bloom in all its glory on earth. The message of Jesus was clear: Love. Over time this has been lost as man has denied himself even a glimpse of his true nature.

The Christ and many other teachers, before and after, have made it clear, so clear, that it is hard to believe.

Trust in the Love that is the guiding light of your heart. That is what is meant by the expression “Follow your heart” and for those who accept this message in their lives, the “Kingdom of Heaven” and all its riches will open up in their daily lives.

It is now the time for love to awaken within you. Let the words resonate for they are meant to heal the rift that causes this inner turmoil and inability to love fully.

So it is written by whom it was told.

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